2011 Festivity Archive

*Denotes a show with previous Planet Connections award winners


All’s Fair (Six Western)*
Kidnapping, adultery, the power of dreams, and the power of print.

Genre: Drama, American politics

Becky Needs To Get Laid
It’s really not that complicated.

Genre: Comedy

Dialing for Donna
In times like these, couldn’t you use a little advice?

Genre: Musical Comedy

The truth is never Black and White…

Genre: Musical comedy, African-American issues, women’s issues

Frack You!
A Highly Combustible Comedy About Fracking.

Genre: Comedy, environmental issues

Mother Nature is reaching the end of her rope. Will one young woman and a wolf be able to save mankind from extinction?

Genre: Drama, American politics, environmental issues

Two mistresses are better than one.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, mystery, Latino issues

Howling Hilda*
A new musical about the Brooklyn Dodgers’ greatest fan.

Genre: Musical. Solo Performance.

The Inversion Of The Baby Snatchers
Only these nerds can help the lost babies of the world.

Genre: Farce, LGBT issues

And in such matters, even blood is forgotten.

Genre: Drama, experimental, Latino issues, women’s issues

Mayday! Mayday!
It’s 1915, gas cars are all the rage and war looms; can one passionate young woman stop the destruction?

Genre: Comedy/Drama, American politics

The Orange Person*
Orange you glad?

Genre: Experimental

When a mind is shattered, who can pick up the pieces?

Genre: Musical, Drama

Pushing Daisy
When cancer pushes, life can push back.

Genre: Comedy/Drama

The Recession Club
What you do is not who you are.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, American politics

Stanley’s World
How many Jelly Beans does it take to find the one you love?

Genre: Comedy/Drama, one-act, family

Sweet, Sweet Spirit*
When a gay teen’s father beats him to near-death, his conservative family members square off in a battle for custody.

Genre: Drama, LGBT issues, American politics


This isn’t hell, it’s Antenora.

Genre: Drama, American politics, foreign lands

Bomb Shelter
A scavenged play about one family, their honor and the right to kill.

Genre: Drama, American politics, educational issues

Carry On
Sometimes strangers are just what you need.

Genre: Comedy, women’s issues

Jean Anouilh’s little known gem.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, Farce

White House Wives: Operation Lysistrata!Can a sex strike change the course of history?

Genre: Musical, Farce, American politics

A Cordial Invitation*
Enjoy a wedding day tradition…or not!

Genre: Romantic comedy, one-act

The Declaration
A gay teacher’s foray into politics becomes a dangerous game of truth and lies.

Genre: Drama, LGBT issues, American politics

A special presentation of Shelby Company’s monthly sketch theatre show

Genre: Comedy, Sketch Theatre

An Evening Of One Acts (Matra India*, God Particle and Galileo the Musical)
Join us for a packed evening of one act fun.

Genre: Musical, Comedy, Experimental

Face Divided/The Mutilation Of St. Barbara*
One acts.

Genre: Drama, one-acts

The Father*
I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.

Genre: Drama, tragedy, adaptation, multimedia

A pitch black comedic thriller about modern relationships.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, mystery

Finding Elizabeth Taylor
Overcoming jokes and one-liners, will this Elizabeth Taylor ever find her true self because of, and despite, a legendary name?

Genre: Solo performance, multimedia, women’s issues, body image

Four-Fourty-Eight Psychosis
4:48am, the darkest hour before dawn

Genre: Drama

Fight him here, so we don’t have to fight them there.

Genre: Drama, one-act, poetry, American politics, foreign lands

He’s Not Himself
Two heads are definitely not better than one.

Genre: Musical Comedy

Hell Is Where The Heart Is*
Life is but a dream… but, who’s dreaming who?

Genre: Comedy

The young ones were so innocent and violent, so sweet and so brutal, beautiful killers.

Genre: Drama, American politics

Influences & Freedom Tower
How friends can change the dynamics of a family./A couple struggles with the right way to grieve the loss of their children post-9/11.

Genre: Drama, one-acts

Jew Wish
JEW WISH is the hilarious and heartfelt adventure of a single Jewish female on the worldwide web of dating.

Genre: Comedy, Women’s Issues, Solo-show

Late Nights With The Boys
Alex Bond and David Carson — fighting intolerance with humor and truth, one book reading at a time.

Genre: Book reading, Comedy, LGBT issues

Loose Women Of Low Character
Do you think I’m a slut?

Genre: Comedy/Drama, farce, women’s issues

Michelle’s Jewish Date Party

Michelle dreams about getting married before she turns thirty. She’s twenty-nine, eleven months, three days, and it’s the day of her wedding! Will her dream come true?

Genre: Interactive Comedy

Monster & Hold
Two great shows. One great night.

Genre: Drama/black comedy, multimedia, women’s issues, one-act, experimental

An MTWorks company benefit hosted by award-winning Artistic Director David Stallings

Genre: Comedy/Drama, LGBT issues

The Other Day*
When is it time to stop grieving for what’s lost and start living for what’s found?

Genre: Comedy/Drama, LGBT issues

Run For Cover
Long time festivity supporter Renee Cafaro rocks the house with her hard rock cover band.

Genre: Hard Rock Music, Musical Event

The Slow, Torturous Love Affair Of Staten Island & Perth Amboy
Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue OX are hungry–Look Out, America!

Genre: Comedy

Stranger to Kindness* & Rope Of Sand
Two great shows. One great night.

Genre: Drama, one-acts

Sweeter Dreams*
A rising independent film-maker must choose between the two men she loves: her husband and her star actor.

Genre: Romance, multimedia, women’s issues

The Tramaine Experience: An Urban Dramedy*
An edgy, hilariously hip, art-house theatrical work one-man dramatic comedy about the inner-city Housing Projects.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, solo performance, interactive, African-American issues

Tulpa or Anne&MeEven imaginary friends have issues.

Genre: Drama, African-American issues, LGBT issues

Two Days Til Dawn
The line between inspiration and insanity.

Genre: Comedy/Drama, interactive

Waiting for Slaughter to Commence*
An exploratory (post-post modern) work reconciling the relationship between various forms of popular culture

Genre: Drama

A story about the fight for cosmic love.

Genre: Dance theater

What Are You Doing Here?*
Because so much could happen at a bus stop when your ex-boyfriend is sitting in the audience.

Genre: Romantic comedy, interactive, women’s issues

Woman In The Dark & Becoming Emma Goldman
Dangling between hilarity and terror, WOMAN IN THE DARK is the comic and poignant true story of a woman trapped in an elevator during the Blackout of 2003/How do you support Emma Goldman’s fight for unions, anarchism, and free love with a daily deal from groupon in your inbox?

Genre: Comedy, solo performance, storytelling, women’s issues