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There is no silver bullet, obviously; but there are proven techniques and strategies to help artists and producers bring their shows from a festival environment to the next level of production.

I will be moderating a panel on this very topic at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity on Sunday, June 26 from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Robert Moss Theatre (440 Lafayette Street, 3rd floor).

Joining me will be four very knowledgeable theatre professionals:

  • Jason S. Grossman, a playwright, performer, and producer; his play Love Me was in the 2010 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity and he is now looking at how to move it
  • Glory Kadigan, the producing artistic director of Planet Connections
  • Michael Roderick of Small Pond Productions
  • Katie Rosin, a publicist and marketing professional

We’ll be talking about many paths for your festival production, including re-mounting at a larger scale, publication, and exploiting the press/reviews/publicity you received at the festival for maximum benefit.

I hope you’ll attend if this subject is of interest to you! It is sure to be an interesting and informative session.

There’s info at the Planet Connections website and there’s also a Facebook Event page.

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