2012 Festivity Archive

*Denotes Shows with Previous Planet Connections Award Winners


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*Denotes Shows with Previous Planet Connections Award Winners

Coyote On a Fence*

“What defines true guilt or innocence?”
Genre: American Politics, Drama, Event, One-Acts , Play , Reading, Social Issues

Dirty Water

“When I grow up I want to be a…”
Genre: Comedy, Documentary Theater, One-Acts , Biographical


“Can two people be the beginning of peace?”
Genre: American Politics, Drama, Play, Romance

Heather Feldman’s Predicament

“What are the limits of art?”
Genre: American Politics, Drama, Educational Issues , Performance Art, Play , Women’s Issues


“To choose or not to choose.”
Genre: Play , Reading, Women’s Issues 

Killing Time

“Not your typical love story.”
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Farce, Play

La Strega*

“Spells and romance go awry and everyone falls in love with everyone until true love finds the way!”
Genre: Play, Romantic Comedy

Men Who Let Women Do Too Much

“You know who they are… Are you one?”
Genre: Comedy, Play, Sketch Comedy, Women’s Issues

Murder at the Prop Table

“A who-dunnit at the prop table.”
Genre: Comedy, Farce

O Rumbles of Joy!*

“O Rumbles of Joy! explores what happens when Thought and Spirit break through marble.”
Genre: Dance Theater, Performance Art, Poetry 

Searching For A New Sun

“What does a granddaughter do when her grandmother will not reveal anything about her past and the Holocaust?”
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Play , historical issues

The Highwayman

“A genre-defying, spectacular song-cycle based on Noyes’ narrative poem.”
Genre: Cabaret , Concert, Experimental , Poetry

The Hypocrite

“Will this night have a happily ever after?”
Genre: Comedy , Drama, Reading

Velvet Rope

“Would you go undercover as a stripper?”
Genre: Burlesque, Dance, Play, Women’s Issues    


Click the titles for production info, or the image to view show artwork!
*Denotes Shows with Previous Planet Connections Award Winners

(un)missed connections

“Are you looking?”
Genre: Experimental, LGBT Issues

4 Sustenance

“What if sustaining the environment relied on us sustaining each other?”
Genre: Dance Theater, Environmental Issues, Experimental 

A Brief History Of Thyme*

“I may be imaginary, but I can still kick your ass.”
Genre: Drama, Play

A DANCE for RYLIE, a new musical

“Love beyond conditions”
Genre: Drama, LGBT Issues, Musical, Musical Play, Romance, HIV/AIDS Awareness

Accidental Incest: Someone For Everyone*

“This summer, come experience the play that “goes there!”
Genre: Comedy, Educational Issues, Experimental, Play, Romance

Acts Of Love*

“Dating, sex, love, loss, grief, kindness, friendship…not necessarily in that order”
Genre: Comedy, Drama, One-Acts, Play, Romance, Women’s Issues, Disability Issues

“Adapting” and “Deuteranomaly: A One Act in Two Parts”

“Select wisely”/”A story of Jews and hues”
Genre: American Politics, Comedy, Drama, Educational Issues, Multimedia, One-Acts, Play , Women’s Issues, Workshop, Genetic Selection/Adoption issues, Romance, Jewish


“”The essence of life is to be equal to your essence.” –The Bubulinos”
Genre: Site Specific Theatrical Installation, Performance–Art, Multimedia, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Dance-Theater, Tango, Pop, Experimental, Foreign Lands (occurs inside and outside of U.S.).

Baby Plays the Banjo*

“I’m having Justin Beiber’s baby, really I am.”
Genre: American Politics, Comedy , Dance, Dance Theater, Drama, Experimental , Multimedia, Performance Art, Play , with music but not a musical

“Bed”* presented along side “The Closet”*

“How could you leave the love of your life?”/”Every child knows that there are monsters hiding in “The Closet”
Genre: Drama, One-Acts, Romance, Women’s Issues, Experimental


“Bridge to Baraka” and “Naked Brazilian”*

“Against all odds, Yvette X stakes her claim as a dramatist in the American Theatre.“/”Does father know best? Our hero doesn’t think so. Follow him as he pursues his dreams of adventure and self discovery from Rio to NYC.”
Genre: African-American Issues, American Politics, Drama, Play, Poetry, Solo Performance, Cabaret, Clown Show, Comedy, International Production, LGBT Issues, Variety Show

Bubby’s Shadow*

“How far will a grandma go to save her troubled family? For Bubby, not even death will stand in her way.”
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Play, Jewish issues, Ghost story


“Have thE hoLiday triP of yoUr dreamS! Come visit beautiful Civilization!”
Genre: American Politics, Comedy , Educational Issues , Farce , Foreign Lands (occurs out of U.S.), Play 


“Against the odds, she prevailed”
Genre: Benefit, Drama, Educational Issues, Event, Play, Poetry, Solo Performance, Women’s Issues, Health Issues


“Homosexuals. Women with children. Short insomniacs. (And a teeny, tiny band.)”
Genre: American Politics, Comedy , Drama, Experimental , LGBT Issues , Musical , Musical Comedy , Musical Play, HIV/Aids Awareness

Firework for Real

“Feel free to feel famous.”
Genre: Comedy, Experimental

Fishin’In Brooklyn

“A solo-de-force, a tribute to Brook-A-Lyn, a mother who won’t be forgotten and a daughter who tells it all.”
Genre: Comedy, Experimental, Drama, African American Issues, LGBT Issues, Women’s Issues, Play, Solo Performance and Poetry

Hot Steams*

“In a dreary cell, a man in solitary confinement, wakes to find he’s no longer alone.”
Genre: Comedy, Drama

In the Wilderness*

“The teachers and students of Saint Philomena’s High School in the Bronx are struggling to be successful, but how can they keep going without seeing results?”
Genre: African-American Issues, American Politics, Children/Family, Drama, Educational Issues, Latino Issues, Play, Poetry, Romance, Women’s Issues

Pageant Princess, The Musical*

“It’s what’s on the outside that counts.”
Genre: Musical

Patrick Burns: From Foster Care to Fabulous

“From Foster Care to Fabulous”
Genre: Cabaret, Comedy, Drama, LGBT Issues, Musical Play, Solo Performance, Foster Care in America


“SAFE is a drama set in Manhattan about two unhappy teenagers, one anorexic and the other overweight, who find themselves in danger when they encounter charming Phillip, an older teacher with a dangerous secret.”
Genre: Drama

“Scene/Unseen” and “Smacker and the Highway”*

“Sometimes a road to nowhere is a secret path to freedom.”
Genre: American Politics, Drama, Event, Performance Art, Poetry , Solo Performance, Women’s Issues, Addiction, Burlesque, Comedy, Farce, One-Acts, Play

See Bob Run

“A young woman running from her past heads to the water”
Genre: Drama, Play, Solo Performance, Women’s Issues 

The American Play*

“What would Bateman do?”
Genre: Dance Theater, Drama, Experimental, Multimedia, Play 

The Bad Date Project

“Even your Grandma has had one!”
Genre: Comedy , Documentary Theater, Drama, Interactive , Multimedia, Play , Romance, Bad Dates!!!!

The Count of Monte Cristo*

“The thrilling Dumas novel, “The Count of Monte Cristo,” now comes to the Broadway Stage”
Genre: Dinner Theater, Drama, Foreign Lands (occurs out of U.S.), International Production, Musical , Musical Play, Opera, Performance Art, Reading, Workshop

The Ephemeral Lightness of Dreams

“The Interpretation Of Dreams”
Genre: Short Plays, Experimental, Musical, Romance, LGBT Issues, Racial Issues

The Empress of Sex*

“Oh YES, keep going! Yes, RIGHT there! Oh, OH YES!”
Genre: Comedy , Foreign Lands (occurs out of U.S.), LGBT Issues , Musical Play, Romance, Erotic

The Taint of Equality ~or~ I Want Your Sex*

“Adrian and Javier have been in a relationship for seven years, and can’t understand why everyone’s pushing them to get gay-married!”
Genre: Comedy, Farce, LGBT Issues, Play, Romance


“Stolen Girls, Stolen Lives – Girls Are Not For Sale”
Genre: African-American Issues, Asian-American Issues, Documentary Theater, Drama, Educational Issues, Foreign Lands (occurs out of U.S.), Interactive , Latino Issues, LGBT Issues, Multimedia, Play, Women’s Issues 

Twelfth Night: Wall Street*

“One woman will do whatever it takes to make it in the world of high power finance…including dressing as a man.”
Genre: Comedy, Drama


“On death row one man searches his soul for inner peace before his execution while his subconscious ruminates on how he arrived at this place in time.”
Genre: African-American Issues, Dance Theater, Drama, Musical Play, Performance Art, Play 

What We Do for Love

“The story of Love, from when he’s “Hooked on a Feeling,” to her “Wedding Bell Blues,” and his response of “Don’t Fall in Love with a Dreamer,” but later– “Always on My Mind.”
Genre: Comedy, Multimedia, Musical, Musical Comedy, Revue, Romance, Women’s Issues 

Ye Elizabeths*

“They’re a Plimoth Rockin’ Good Time!”
Genre: Comedy, Multimedia, Musical Play

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