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The Snowballs Festivals have been around for 4 years, produced and curated by Tenement Street Workshop. In partnership with Planet Connections, the Snowballs Film Festival has grown into a cross-industry event. We have actors, writers, and directors from theatre to film and everything in-between getting involved. Last year we showed a documentary on a Punk Rock musician filmed on handy-cam from the early 2000′s, a short silent film from a photographer, a 1 minute claymation film, 2 TV Pilots, a music video, and a 20 minute narrative with a burning barn.

Date: Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 @ 8pm
Venue: The Gene Frankel (24 Bond Street)

This years film artists/films include:

ELECTRIK  (Christian LaMorte)
Narrative, 15 minutes
Rick, an old timer, struggles with the fast-paced technological world evolving around him. Will his resistance to conform be his downfall….or moment of glory?

Framed (Christian LaMort)
Narrative, 15 minutes
A quirky, slightly dark dramedy about a washed up photographer who’s suspicious that his girlfriend is cheating on him, and decides to take photos of his findings.

Dates Like This (Hannah Vaughn)
Webisode, 15 minutes

The Share (Emily Chatwick Weiss)
Webisode, 5 minutes
“The Share” is a half-hour post-recession sitcom. Set in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, it follows a group of twenty and thirty-somethings pursuing their dreams and finding a wealthy soul mate all while sharing a bathroom with five roommates.

Alouette (Jules Bartowski)
Webisode, 20 minutes
The story follows Lark, a well educated, intensely opinionated, young contact improv dancer-by-day/stripper-by-night who finds herself spiraling into alcoholism and pornography after her first mysterious and desperate experience as a prostitute.Lark has established herself in the city’s burgeoning dance scene and subsidizes her new dance company by stripping. Ever the loudest voice in the room, she uses her words as weapons in the fight to justify her actions and to express her absurdist philosophy peppered with feminist notions.

The Campers (Diogo Cronemberg)
Narrative, 15 minutes

Saint Francis! A Wonderful Dude! (Nannette Lipinski)
Comedy, 15min
“Saint Francis, A Wonderful Dude!” is a short comedic film about the patron saint of animals; Saint Francis. Saint Francis was known throughout the centuries as a lover and caretaker all of God’s creatures. He loved them and they loved him right back. Or so we thought. My film introduces you to the real Saint Francis: the Saint Francis only animals and a few random monks knew–a crazy, creepy, I like to touch and be with the furry critters of the world a tad too much Saint Francis. Step inside his world and find out just how freaky he was.

Cliff_Crane (Richard Grunn)
Experimental, 5min
While working his late night custodial job,cliff constructs some origami cranes. When the cranes follow him around, he has to make a decision on how to contain them. Fortunately, there are some office machines that can help him keep the cranes grounded.

Questions about Snowballs for Film? Contact:

John MacDonald
Snowballs Shorts Film Festival Liaison


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