2015 Festivity Archive

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“What happens after death will kill you!”

Benefiting: National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Written and Directed by: JC Svec


Blanche on a Winter’s Eve

“What’s your average belle-turned-East-Village-ladyboy to do on Christmas Eve?”

BenefitingGay Men’s Health Crisis

Written by: J.P. Makowski
Directed by: Danny Gorman


Black Hole Wedding

“When I told you to suck it up, I didn’t mean the whole world!”

BenefitingNatural Resources Defense Council

Written by: Katherine Brann Fredricks and Paul Edward Nelson
Directed by: Katherine Brann Fredricks


Blizzard: A Love Story

“The storm shut the city down, but can they weather each other?”

Benefiting: Planned Parenthood

Written by: Melissa Skirboll
Directed by: Lori Kee

Buddhas Are Screaming In Ch

Buddha’s Are Screaming In China

“A play about love, luck, loss, and Elephants.”

Benefiting: Big Life Foundation

Written and Directed by: Maggie Surovell
Choreographed by: Jill Echo



“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” John F. Kennedy

Benefiting: Democracy Now

Written by: Anthony P. Pennino
Directed by: Alberto Bonilla and Elizabeth Inghram

Citizen Cyborg

Citizen Cyborg

“A genetically re-engineered, trans-textual, hybrid play about us all.”

Benefiting: Democracy Now

Adapted and Directed by: Neal Utterback

Corner's Grove 2

Corner’s Grove

“Home is where Our Town is.”

Benefiting: WIN [Women in Need]

Written by: Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin
Directed by: Gemma Kaneko



“The truth is behind you.”

Benefiting: To Write Love On Her Arms

Written by: Sarah Kane
Directed by: Sarah M. Chichester


Crystal Romance

“A play about finding hope in the darkest corner. “

Benefiting: NIDA The National Institute of Drug Abuse

Written and Directed by: Lenny Schwartz


Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion

“I wasn’t here for a new avatar on the black market, or some darker purpose, I was here for the cold noodles.”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Susan Tenney



“A romantic comedy about what you want from the ones you want.”

Benefiting: Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation

Written by: Paul Weissman
Directed by: Fred Backus


Easier Said Than Done

“Forgiving and Forgetting is Easier Said Than Done”

Benefiting: The Hunker Down INNitiative

Written by: Paul DeSena
Directed by: Kristen Penner


ELISE: a new musical

“A child no more am I.”


Music and Lyrics: Jamen Nanthakumar
Book and Lyrics: Liana Wright-Mark
Directed by: Katherine Wilkins


The Firebird

“Pride, Lust, and Memory make a cocktail the mean streets of Brooklyn ain’t never seen. Watch your back.”

Benefiting: Wounded Warrior

Written by: Tim Errickson
Directed by: Brian Gillepsie



“These kids are going nowhere- they’re just hopeless.”

Benefiting: The Children’s Aid Society of New York City

Written and Directed By: Vinny Eden Ortega

In Our Own Voice

In Our Own Voice: Women Veterans Tell Their Story

“The hardest part is coming home.”

Benefiting: Women for Women International

Written by: Beverly Coyle
Directed by: Colleen Britton


Lost In Place

“A look back at today with the hindsight of tomorrow.”

Benefiting: Coalition for the Homeless

Written by: Secondhand Theatre Company
Directed by: Secondhand Theatre Company



“It’ll put hair on your chest.”

Benefiting: Alzheimer’s Association

Written by: Laura Scruggs
Directed by: Emmi Hilger


Searching For Connection: A Tom Slot Musical Theatre Review

“Love. Pain. Rock n’ Roll”

Benefiting: ASPCA

Written by: Tom Slot
Directed by: Tom Slot


Sitting Regal By the Window

“Where is your window, what do you see?”

Benefiting: Democracy Now

Written by: Aya Aziz
Directed by: Aya Aziz

Sometimes Gay Means Happy

Sometimes Gay Means Happy

“Sometimes the Daddy who taught us to dance, must dance to the beat of his own drum. Sometimes love must be enough. Sometimes Gay Means Happy.”

Benefiting: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

Written and Directed by: Angela Theresa Egic

Taking Flight_ Songs of Hope

Taking Flight

“From the everyday struggles of motherhood to some of the most important social justice issues of our time, Taking Flight is an inspirational journey of hope for a better future for us all.”

Benefiting: Standing on the Side of Love

Written by: Sarah Jebian
Directed by: Robb Hillman

Tech Support

Tech Support: Circe and J Train

“Humanity: is there an app for that?”

Benefiting: The Candle Lighters NYC

Directed by: Melissa Meli
Circe, Written by: Michael Hagins
J Train, Written by: Dianna Tucker Baritot


The Colonel’s Wife

“Sexuality, politics and darker comedy mesh cabaret, performance-art and film to tell a tale of a shattered American dream.”

Benefiting: THE LIT Fund

Written by: Mario Fratti
Designed and Directed by: Roi Escudero


The Education Project

“This Ain’t no High School Musical… This is Your Life… This is Your Child’s Life… This is Your Job… This is Education.”


Produced by: MCVTS Theatre and Pegasus51/Theatre
Directed by: Maria Aladren


The Long Rail North

“He will protect her…at all costs.”

Benefiting: Rebuilding Together

Written by: Michael HaginsDirected by: Emily DeSena


Trust In Chariots

“Everybody has a heart, except some people.” – Bette Davis, actor

Benefiting: God’s Love We Deliver

Written by: Roderic Wachovsky
Directed by: Roderic Wachovsky


When the Party’s Over

“Bon voyage, champagne and caviar!”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Written by: Glory Kadigan
Directed by: Eric Mercado



“The Wackiest Safari In the History of the World”

Benefiting: Animal Kind

Written By: Hope Weiner
Directed By: Sarah M. Chichester


Women & Children

“For years these guys thought they were on a sinking ship. Turns out it was a lifeboat.”

Benefiting: SAGE Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgender Elders

Written by: Michael Boothroyd
Directed by: Michael Boothroyd


Years May Go By

“Two lovers cross paths eleven years later.”

Benefiting: City Meals on Wheels

Written by: Julie Hays
Directed by: Rod McLachlan