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Blizzard: A Love Story


Benefiting: Planned Parenthood

Written by: Melissa Skirboll
Directed by: Lori Kee

In this serio-comic look at love and letting go, an epic snowstorm shuts the city down. With no way to get home, Ian shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s door looking for a place to crash and a chance to revive their relationship. With the weather forcing them together, Ian and Lacey rehash the past. And though it’s clear they love each other, they are unable to find any shelter in each other – for them the storm outside reflects their love; beautiful and oh so destructive.

Trust In Chariots


Benefiting: God’s Love We Deliver

Written by: Roderic Wachovsky
Directed by: Roderic Wachovsky

When a mysterious young man X answers a, ”Craig’s List” ad to help Grant, nephew of an elderly man provide proper care, he becomes a catalyst for fear, distrust and violence. X is the unknown factor. Motives are called into question. Earl lives in a state of mental confusion and deterioration. He summons the life he shared with his deceased partner and finds his own behavior wanting. In particular, the government’s violation of his privacy when neither decency nor law could protect him, is a trauma with which he as never fully come to terms. Suspicion and concealment of the past become entwined with doubt and misgiving in the present.

Years May Go By


Benefiting: City Meals on Wheels

Written by: Julie Hays
Directed by: Rod McLachlan

What if, years later, you randomly encounter “the one that got away” would you still feel the flame? What would you want to know? What would you dare to ask? These are the questions Ben and Laila face one fateful day outside the subway station.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Upstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Wednesday, 6/24/15, 7:45pm
Thursday, 6/25/15, 5:00pm
Sunday, 6/28/15, 12:00pm
Wednesday, 7/1/15, 5:00pm
Friday, 7/3/15, 9:20pm

Run Time: 90 minutes

Tickets:  $18 General Admission, $10 for Film/Music Participants, FREE for Theatre Festivity Participants.


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