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Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Susan Tenney

Teich Lumen, spaceship pilot, is called upon to return a “back-up copy” of Earth to the Cygnus Star System. En route he encounters a telepathic prodigy, the darkly shrouded Inner System Authority, a band of Cygnian artists covertly shooting an art film on Earth, two college students, and his muse.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Upstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Saturday, 6/20/15, 4:45pm
Friday, 6/26/15, 4:30pm
Saturday, 6/27/15, 4:30pm
Tuesday, 6/30/15, 7:45pm
Tuesday, 7/7/15, 8:45pm
Saturday, 7/11/15, 4:30pm

Run Time: 110 minutes

Tickets:  $18 General Admission, $10 for Film/Music Participants, FREE for Theatre Festivity Participants.


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