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Atlantis Unearthed

“When the whole world goes to hell in a handbasket only the rising of Atlantis might be enough to save humanity from ourselves, but is it real?”

Benefiting: Rainforest Alliance

Written by: Cecilia Copeland
Directed by: Joan Kane



Blind Crest

“How do you move forward when all you can do is wait?”

Benefiting: Homeboy Industries

Written by: Monet Hurst-Mendoza
Directed by: Katherine M. Carter




“How far will a provocateur go?”

Benefiting: Amnesty International

Written by: Natalie Menna
Directed by: Joan Kane



Emerald Girl

“Can two star crossed souls ever find each other?”

Benefiting: Women for Women International

Written by: Penny Jackson
Directed by: Joan Kane


Lets Call It Osmosis

Let’s Call It Osmosis

“What wakes when you sleep?”

Benefiting: RAINN

Written by: Scott Kesselman
Directed by: Scott Kesselman










Kidnap Road

“A woman’s political choice. The trauma of captivity. And what memory will finally come to hold. Starring Kimber Riddle and Steve Guevara.”

Benefiting: Girls Scouts of NYC

Written by: Catherine Filloux
Directed by: Stan Cahill


Null and Void

Null and Void

“On the night before she leaves him forever, can Thad win Jean back from the arms of her department chair?”

Benefiting: The Actors Fund

Written by: Charles Gersham
Directed by: Dan Dinero



Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me

“Like a great, dark wave arriving – or some starship from the future. She was going places. And I wanted to go along.”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Steven Mark Tenney
Co-Director: Susan Tenney


The People of Porlock

The People from Porlock

“A dark comedy about day jobs.”


Written by: Stephen Aubrey
Directed by: Jess Chayes



Who Mourns for Bob the Goon

Who Mourns Bob the Goon?

“Have you ever fantasized of being a third-tier comic book character?”

Benefiting: Hospice of New York

Written by: Joshua Young
Directed by: Lucia Bellini


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