2016 Festivity Archive

A Light In the Dark

“A light so bright you can’t resist”

Benefiting: KittyKind

Playwright: Wendy Mae Shelton
Company/Artist: Wendy Mae Shelton

A Madness of One Act Plays

“Anything can happen in a Madness”

Benefiting: The Ali Forney Center

Playwrights: Cecilia Copeland, Penny Jackson, Glory Kadigan
Company/Artist: New York Madness Directed by Melissa Skirboll

A Stopping Place

“A lone person. An empty room. A red ball.”

Benefiting: MCC Homeless Youth Service

Playwright: Stephen Powell
Company/Artist: Stephen Powell


“The Female American Serial Killer Musical”
Playwright: Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin
Company/Artist: Undiscovered Countries


“What do you chose – truth or law?”

Benefiting: Lower East Side Girls Club

Playwright: Sophocles adapted by Melody Erfani and music composed by J.P. Makowski
Company/Artist: LES Shakespeare Co.

Blankets and Bedtime: 3 Restless Plays

“Home is where the hurt is.”

Benefiting: RAINN

Playwright: Erik Champney

Company/Artist: Pixie Theory Productions, Directed by Janet Bentley

The Chaplin Plays

“It isn’t reality that matters. Imagination is everything.”

Benefiting: The Trevor Project

Playwright: Don Nigro
Company/Artist: Nylon Fusion Theatre Company

Conservation Theater: Rater R for Recycling

“Natural and Conservation science takes off its tie and lets its hair down.”

Benefiting: Fundacion Para La Tierra

Playwright: Bricken Sparacino and others
Company/Artist: Conservation Theater


“It isn’t always the sick who need the most healing.”

Benefiting: WIN (Women In Need)

Playwright: Adapted by Ivan Faute from the novella by Cris Mazza
Company/Artist: Ivan Faute, Portsmouth Theater Lab


“They made a wasteland and called it peace.”

Benefiting: Food Bank NYC

Playwright: Anthony P. Pennino
Company/Artist: Core Creative Productions


“After a public shooting, a dying daughter calls her father.”

Benefiting: Hospice of New York

Playwright: Joshua D. Young
Company/Artist: The Playwrighting Collective


“A performance-art retrospective piece with plenty of da da.”

Benefiting: The Indie Theater Fund

Playwright/Designer/ Director: Roi Escudero
Company/Artist: Roi Escudero’s ETdC Projects’ Lab


“There is no exit when you are waiting for the cable guy.”

Benefiting: NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

Playwright: Judith Leora
Company/Artist: Ego Actus

The Golden Smile

“5 mental patients on a 1950’s ward try to make a play–a vulgar absurdist musical emerges.”

Playwright: Yaakov Bressler
Company/Artist: The Golden Smile


“A play about stories”

Benefiting: New York Public Library

Playwright: Will Coleman
Company/Artist: Rising Sun Performance Company, Directed by Brock H. Hill

Hope You Get to Eleven or What are we Going to do About Sally?

ten times I didn’t kill myself, today


Playwright: Padraic Lillis
Company/Artist: The Farm Theater

How to Succeed as an Ethnically Ambiguous Actor

“Act Tough. Act Out. Act NOW.”

Playwright: Zenobia Shroff and Arpita Mukherjee
Company/Artist: Hypokrit Theater Company

The Illusion of Love

“Is love physical, emotional, or an illusion?”

Benefiting: Joyful Heart Foundation

Playwright: Alex Polanco
Company/Artist: Akadēmeia Theatre

Imaginary Friends!

“Listen to the voices inside your head.”

Benefiting:The Candlelighters NYC

Playwright: Laura Mae Baker, Paul DeSena, Michael Rehse, Xavier Rodney, Rich Wisneski
Company/Artist: Cupcake Lady Productions, Directed by Melissa Farinelli

 Infinitely Yours

“An explosive new drama about the hidden cycles of violence in rural Maine.”

Benefiting: Hunker Down Initiative

Playwright: Darci Faye
Company/Artist: Darci Faye


“Tell a rich man he could lose everything and see what happens.”

Benefiting: Women Make Movies

Playwright: Katherine Brann Fredricks
Company/Artist: Katherine Brann Fredricks

Pilgrim Notes

“give up, give in and learn to settle”

Benefiting: LES Turner ALS Foundation

Playwright: Adin Lenahan
Company/Artist: Adin Lenahan

The Pink Hulk

“An autobiographical one-woman show about finding the funny in adversity”

Benefiting: Mary’s Place By the Sea

Playwright: Valerie David
Company/Artist: Valerie David

The Renaissance Dueling Plays

“Swordplay is on display in these new and exciting short plays.”

Benefiting: Women’s Sports Foundation

Playwright: Michael Hagins
Company/Artist: CAGE Theater Company


“But time eyes you up/ beauty only exists at the border of youth and decay”

Benefiting: Girls Inc. of New York City

Playwright: Genevieve Beaudoin
Company/Artist: The Ribcage, Directed by Tyler Thomas

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye: 3 Plays of Verbal Bondage

“Trapped. Seeking escape hatch…”

Benefiting: EMBARQ (World Resources Institute)

Playwright: Natalie Menna Directed by David Triacca and Ivette Dumeng
Company/Artist: Natalie Menna

The Social Avenger

“Don’t get mad. Avenge.”

Benefiting: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Playwright: Lenny Schwartz
Company/Artist: Daydream Theater Company

Who Am I

“What would you do when given a chance with your creator?”

Benefiting: The Audre Lorde Project

Playwright: Rodney Reyes
Company/Artist: Step1 Theatre Project