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BLANKETS_AND_BEDTIME_official_imageBlankets and Bedtime: 3 Restless Plays

Benefiting: RAINN

Playwright: Erik Champney
Company/Artist: Pixie Theory Productions, Directed by Janet Bentley

This anthology of one-acts showcases a corrupt Hollywood star system, the dirtiest secret of World War II, and the darkest delusions of an unsalvageable mind. Each play is bound to the next by the theme of inescapable confinement, wrapped into 80 minutes of electrifying theatre you won’t soon forget.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Downstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Wed 6/15 9pm
Sun 6/19 7pm
Thurs 6/23 9pm
Sun 6/26 9pm
Mon 6/27 9:30pm

Run Time: 80 minutes

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