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Benefiting: The Indie Theater Fund

Playwright/Designer/ Director:  Roi Escudero

Company/Artist:  ETdC Projects’ Lab, With Tatyana Kot, Cesar Valderrama, Richard Stevens. and Roi Escudero

Production /Stage Manager /Video/Multimedia Assistant: Valentin Ewan.
Production Assistant and Tech: Cordelia Senie.
Guest artists: James Ewan, Horacio, Gerpe, Jack Placidi, Andy Chmelko and 
La Banda Argentina : Rubén Celiberti, Donald Mc Cluskey, Raul Parentella,
Melody Mc Cluskey and other artists.


A science fiction-vérité tale in pursuit of happiness. An existential voyage by “The Superheroes of Light, The Bubulinos.” These intangible clones crash into the daring reality of an alienated world dominated by its mass hysteria and its media phenomena. A world ruled by Mrs. Mind, the greedy pig of this story. This experience is contained in a performance-art-retrospective piece where magic realism meets with the absurd, cinema and plenty of da da. (From the performance-art cinema™ ECO-Series: The Bubulinos.)

Venue: Paradise Factory, Upstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Sat 6/25 8:15pm
Sun 7/3 3:30pm

Run Time: 90 minutes

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