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Lonely PilgrimsPilgrim Notes

Benefiting: LES Turner ALS Foundation

Playwright: Adin Lenahan
Company/Artist: Adin Lenahan

A solo show about settling and esteem, and how easy it is to fall for somebody when they’re on death row. Jasper Lange is a motherless young southerner who begins a correspondence with Brando Gierke, a Dahmer-esque serial killer who murdered Jasper’s one-time middle school boyfriend (the only man Jasper has ever touched). The piece explores the fallout within Jasper’s small Louisiana town over Jasper’s relationship with Gierke, the implications of a death penalty, and living in the space between giving up and giving in.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Downstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Sun 6/19 5pm
Fri 6/24 7pm
Sun 6/26 3:30pm
Thurs 7/7 5:10pm
Sat 7/9 2pm

Run Time: 80 minutes

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