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The Chaplin PlaysThe Chaplin Plays: A Double Feature Tramp on Tightrope with Monkeys and Charlie and the Siberian Monkey Goddess

Benefiting: The Trevor Project

Playwright: Don Nigro
Company/Artist: Nylon Fusion Theatre Company

Strip away the masks and make up, the remarkable number of personas under the face of Charlie Chaplin—cockney orphan, music hall vagabond, beloved tramp, movie star, director, genius, lover, abuser, dictator, murderer, traitor, exile, recluse—all of them inventions on of one who knew they were not at all real, and who is left? Who is the person under the pretense? Does the fiction of the image, the celebrity, all the various roles become reality? This double-feature explores two versions of Chaplin, inside whom many others are layered, muddled and mixed, and we witness a relentless Siberian Monkey Goddess attack and attempt to peel away the façade to see what if anything is left lying beneath.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Downstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Tues 6/28 7:30pm
Fri 7/1 7pm
Sat 7/2 5pm
Sun 7/3 6:30pm
Tues 7/5 8:30pm
Sat 7/9 4pm

Run Time: 90 minutes

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