2016 Staged Readings

d4rkly your retrorockets fl4re

“Where are the time-travelers from our future?”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Steven Mark Tenney
Company/Artist: The Constellation Project


“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. We call that life.”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Francesco Andolfi
Company/Artist: Francesco Andolfi


“Sometimes you have to choose between safety and who you are, who you have chosen to be.”

Benefiting: Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition

Playwright: Patricia Davis
Company/Artist: Patricia Davis Productions

Familiar Strangers

“We see them everywhere, on the subway, the stoop, hanging out in the park, sleeping in that doorway— but we don’t really know them at all.”

Benefiting: Coalition for the Homeless

Playwright: Lynda Crawford
Company/Artist: YaYa Productions

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr

“Hedy Lamarr is everywhere – even in your pocket!  There were Brains behind that Magic.”

Benefiting: Women In Wireless

Playwright/Performer: Heather Massie
Company/Artist: Heather Massie, Directed & Developed by Joan Kane

Inside the Box

“This play is Baby Boomer meets Millennial, privilege, marriage, feminism, reproductive rights and legacy.”

Benefiting: Planned Parenthood

Playwright: Cecilia Copeland
Company/Artist: New York Madness, Directed by Giovanna Sardelli


“roommates, friends, and occasional enemies”

Playwright: Marco Calvani
Company/Artist: Marco Calvani, Directed by Shira-Lee Shalit

Ocean in a Teacup

“He lost his world but gained his soul”

Benefiting: Doctors Without Borders

Playwright: Joel Krantz
Company/Artist: Joel Krantz

Red Emma

Red Emma dramatizes the passionate life of Emma Goldman. An immigrant, a woman and a fighter for justice.

Benefiting: Words of Choice

Playwright: Maxine Kern
Company/Artist: Parity Productions

Suicide by Wife

“Some moments are more difficult to live in than others.”

Benefiting: Safe Horizon

Playwright: Susan Jennifer Polese
Company/Artist: Susan Jennifer Polese

The Waiting Game

“To what extent is a life worth protecting?”

Benefiting: The Candlelighters NYC

Playwright: Charles Gershman
Company/Artist: Snowy Owl

Whence You Came

“Imagination + Alcohol = Life on the Brink”

Benefiting: Third Street Women’s Residence of the Henry Street Settlement

Playwright: Deborah Magid
Company/Artist: Deborah Magid