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“Where are the time-travelers from our future?”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Steven Mark Tenney
Company/Artist: The Constellation Project



“If some longing goes unmet, don’t be astonished. We call that life.”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation

Playwright: Francesco Andolfi
Company/Artist: Francesco Andolfi



“Sometimes you have to choose between safety and who you are, who you have chosen to be.”

Benefiting: Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition

Playwright: Patricia Davis
Company/Artist: Patricia Davis Productions


icon_Familiar StrangersFamiliar Strangers

“We see them everywhere, on the subway, the stoop, hanging out in the park, sleeping in that doorway— but we don’t really know them at all.”

Benefiting: Coalition for the Homeless

Playwright: Lynda Crawford
Company/Artist: YaYa Productions


HEDY Square for webHEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr

“Hedy Lamarr is everywhere – even in your pocket!  There were Brains behind that Magic.”

Benefiting: Women In Wireless

Playwright/Performer: Heather Massie
Company/Artist: Heather Massie, Directed & Developed by Joan Kane

Inside the BoxInside the Box

“This play is Baby Boomer meets Millennial, privilege, marriage, feminism, reproductive rights and legacy.”

Benefiting: Planned Parenthood

Playwright: Cecilia Copeland
Company/Artist: New York Madness, Directed by Giovanna Sardelli



“roommates, friends, and occasional enemies”

Playwright: Marco Calvani
Company/Artist: Marco Calvani, Directed by Shira-Lee Shalit



Ocean in a TeacupOcean in a Teacup

“He lost his world but gained his soul”

Benefiting: Doctors Without Borders

Playwright: Joel Krantz
Company/Artist: Joel Krantz


emma_goldman_quoteRed Emma

Red Emma dramatizes the passionate life of Emma Goldman. An immigrant, a woman and a fighter for justice.

Benefiting: Words of Choice

Playwright: Maxine Kern
Company/Artist: Parity Productions


Suicide by WifeSuicide by Wife

“Some moments are more difficult to live in than others.”

Benefiting: Safe Horizon

Playwright: Susan Jennifer Polese
Company/Artist: Susan Jennifer Polese


The Waiting GameThe Waiting Game

“To what extent is a life worth protecting?”

Benefiting: The Candlelighters NYC

Playwright: Charles Gershman
Company/Artist: Snowy Owl


Whence You CameWhence You Came

“Imagination + Alcohol = Life on the Brink”

Benefiting: Third Street Women’s Residence of the Henry Street Settlement

Playwright: Deborah Magid
Company/Artist: Deborah Magid

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