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Playwright: Marco Calvani
Company/Artist: Marco Calvani, Director: Shira-Lee Shalit

With: Christina Toth, Evgeniya Radilova and Alexander Hodge.

Sam and Vicky, roommates, friends, and occasional enemies, live together in a townhouse in Maspeth, Queens. Without Sam’s permission, Vicky invites her co-worker Anja — a Serbian immigrant with an abusive ex-boyfriend and a penchant for the peculiar — to stay with them, causing their uneasy cohabitation to quickly descend into emotional chaos. When a young gay boy’s body is mysteriously discovered along a creek near their home, Anja seems to know more than she’s letting on, and it becomes increasingly clear that the truth under the mystery lies closer to home than they ever knew.

MASPETH is an exploration of the need to belong in this world, this life, and to ourselves. With echoes of the Matthew Shepard murder and the Orlando massacre, the play raises important questions about the current condition of the LGBT cause in the United States. Gay rights have been advancing at a rapid clip in the last few years, but has that lessened homophobia? Or made it worse?

Joe Dolce, former editor in chief of Details and Star magazines and journalist for many of the world’s leading publications including The New York Times, is hosting a “Talk Back” session after the production.

Venue: Paradise Factory, Upstairs Theater, 64 East 4th Street


Thurs 6/30 8pm + Talkback

Run Time: 80 min + Talk Back

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