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Written by Monica Bauer

Benefitting Women for Women International or American for Peace Now

Playwright Monica Bauer’s parable puts us in a world where Trump-supporters are the ruling majority and calls every tune. What will they think of a production of the Diary of Anne Frank with the title character played by a Muslim?? This is political satire with an open heart. Production directed by Shaun Peknic (Assoc. Director, ONCE, on Broadway); and featuring Andrew Dahreddine, David M. Farrington, Isra Elsahilie, Bruce Jones, John Fico, Becca Lish, Lauren D. Salvo.

Stage Manager: Jess Gouker, Sound Design by Matthew Fischer, Lighting Design by Benjamin Ehrenreich, Costumes by Debbi Hobson, and Set and props by Raye Levine.

June 24 @ 3:45 PM; June 25 @ 4:30 PM; July 2 @ 7:15 PM; July 6 @ 9:00 PM; July 8 @ 9:00 PM; July 9 @ 1:00 PM

Flamboyan Theater

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