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Satin, Rain and Marigolds is a new play about four women in different phases of life just trying to do their best. As they walk through their own lives, they cross paths in the most causal of ways. There is Mae, a thirty-something year old single mother tries to keep her head above water after her husband leaves her and their daughter Laila, who is the most curious of six year olds. Alongside her imaginary friend Edna. she is in the process of discovering the reality of the world around her and her own inner qualities. Meanwhile, Avery takes a break from her small town in Georgia to visit colleges and her friend Charlotte in New York City, is introduced to the glamorous world of drag. She then begins to question her own identity. And Roxanne, a top student and social butterfly at her university secretly struggles with depression. She manages to keep everything under wraps until she is sexually assaulted. Satin, Rain and Marigolds is written, produced and performed by this year’s all female group of Planet Connections Theater Festivity interns.

July 7 @ 7:30PM

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