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The Inside of His Severed Head
Sometimes you have to raise the stakes!
By Lenny Schwartz & Duncan Pflaster

Presented by Daydream Theatre Company
Benefiting New York Blood Center

Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente
Friday 8/3 @ 6:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday 8/4 @9:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday 8/5 @12:15pm-2:15pm




This comedic musical is about Willy Loman, an aging vampire hunter, who realizes his life is empty and he tries to fill it in the last 24 hours of his life. It is a musical about happiness, family, lies, love, and mental illness. And of course, killing some motherf$&king vampires. It’s Death of a Salesman as a musical….if Willy Loman was a vampire hunter! It’s PG13 at most so come on down!


Lenny Schwartz (Bookwriter/Director) is the writer/ director of the plays Subject 62, Buster Keaton: Fade to Black, The Wire Game, Higher Methods and Fidelity as well as many others. He is also the screenwriter of with Scorpio Film Releasing’s film Murder University which is available on DVD in national distribution as well as their films Normal and Accidental Incest as well as Breaking Branches Pictures release Rhodyopolis and film of Subject 62.  Lenny would like to thank his cast, his family, Jim, Lloyd, his mom, his dad, Ed, Shirley, Murt (my pal is gone but never forgotten), his workmates at his job, Sam, Callie and Sara and you for all of their support. He is lucky in life and he will never take that for granted.

Duncan Pflaster (Composer/Lyricist) is r has won awards for his plays The Underpants Godot, Messin’ With the Kid, The Tragedy of Dandelion1460 Sketches of Your Left HandThe Empress of SexThe Taint of EqualityPrince Trevor Amongst the ElephantsThe Thyme of the Season, and Eternity: Time Without End. Other plays include The Starship Astrov (2010 Midtown International Theatre Festival, Winner Outstanding Supporting Actress, 2010 MITF Awards), SuckersOre, or OrThe Wastes of TimeDik and Jayne Are Not The Same, the parallel universe cocktail party comedy Sleeping in Tomorrow(nominated for a 2004 Spotlight On award), Amazing Daedalus, book and lyrics for the pansexual soap opera musical Eskimo (music by Adam Rabin of the band Mailbox), and the drag queen Alice In Wonderland adaptation Wilder & Wilder.


Ryan Bedisee
Alexandra Cipolla
Lanecia Edmonds
Kevin Hernandez
Derek Laurendeau
Mya Lemery
Ryan Mckenna
Maureen Noel
Lauren Pace
Victoria Paradis
Sarah Reed
Michael Thurber

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