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The 11th Dimension
Sometimes to get to heaven you have to journey through hell.
By Roi Escudero
Presented by ETdC Projects’ Lab
Benefitting The Indie Theater Fund

Flamboyán Theater @ The Clemente
Monday 7/16 @ 5:15pm-6:30pm
Friday 7/20 @9:45pm-11pm
Sunday 7/22 @4:45pm-6pm
Saturday 7/28 @ 7:45pm-9pm
Thursday 8/2 @10am-11:15am
Saturday 8/4 @ 2:00pm-3:15pm


Through their travels across space and time, the heroes of light, The Bubulinos, struggle with the ephemeral and physical troubles of mankind’s present, striving to keep their “divine child” pure in the quest to advance themselves. The Bubulinos’ mission is to watch over the flame of passion so that it can’t be extinguished, to protect the Bird of Truth from deceit and to keep the energy of the universe calm and serene. In equilibrium.  One day their peace is interrupted when a charlatan clairvoyant Dr. Destino, who is part of the entrepreneurs’ network: Only for Lonely Trillonaires, mesmerizes everyone in the 11th Dimension into a deep sleep. Why? To help a troop of narcissist flying monkeys led by Humanity’s alter ego Mrs. Mind kidnap The Bird of Truth.

What happens next in the dark part of The 11th Dimension vérité tale is strictly confidential and is under a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT contract. The only information that we have after The Bird of Truth’s kidnapping is a memo given to us by a snitch rat named El Soplón. The memo says: “In their quest to rescue the Bird of Truth a troupe of traveling aliens called the Bubulinos are guided by Artaud in a journey through Hell.” Dante and Vigil said: “Don’t worry about them, they are in good hands, they will arrive to Paradise.”

The 11th Dimension is post-modern theatrical installation of performance-art cinema™ where fantasy and vérité blend with commedia, technology, film, music and dance to create an atmospheric and immersive experience. The audience guided by Artaud, will traverse The Inferno of today’s world and arrive to paradise. A quest to explore the power and importance of knowledge and truth. A vérité tale told in the 11th Dimension by Artaud and the existential beings of light, the Bubulinos.


Roi Escudero 
Producer/Conceptual performance-art artist/Writer /Production Designer/Performer/Director)

La Banda Argentina (Donald Mc Cluskey and Rubén Celiberti)

James Ewan
Paintings and Geometric Screens and Shields

Horacio Gerpe
Video Virtual illustrator for The Map of Light

Valentin Ewan
Multimedia Technical Director/Videographer/Stage Manager


Roi Escudero is a conceptual performance artist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her award-winning performance-art-cinema™ vérité and documentary-visual theatre is internationally known. In the USA her intermedia work has appeared at The Art Museum Council Gallery at Los Angeles County Museum (LACMA), Los Angeles International Open Festival, The Charlie Chaplin Space L.A., The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, The Spanish Institute NYC and other cultural institutions and art galleries. Roi’s Theatrical installations for the stage have appeared at The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, FRIGID New York, The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF), FRINGE Festival, The Midtown International Theatre Festival, IATI Theater, American Theatre of Actors (ATA), Center for Remembering and Sharing (CRS), chashama Gallery, The Swim Shorts 3 Festival, The Nuyorican Poets Café, and other events and site specific installations. Roi is the creator of performance-art-cinema™, an immersive work containing art installation, multimedia, cinéma vérité, and live performance. Her vision paved the way for new media-theatre through her Connected Series BUBULINOS’ DREAMS and the ANTONIN ARTAUD Series. Roi Escudero’s documentary visual theatre and performance-art cinema™ plays presented by ETdC Projects’ Lab, at Planet Connections, include CAIN (2017) by Mario Fratti, which obtained 4 PCTF nominations and won for Outstanding Multimedia/Projections/Special Effects, The Colonel’s Wife also by Mario Fratti (2015), which won two PCTF awards for Outstanding Overall Production of a Revival/Adaptation, and best actor, Roi was nominated for best director and best actress. Flow (2016), Antonin mon Mômo (2013), The Matra India (2011), and 11 seconds of ecstasy! (2010) won the PCTF 2013, PCTF 2011 and PCTF 2010 awards for Outstanding Multimedia Performance-art Event. B=Essence (2012), for best actor. These productions received in total 21 PCTF award nominations, including several for Outstanding Overall Production. In January Roi’s performance-art work was part of Tertulias 2018 at IATI Theater. During the year Roi creates theatrical installations for patrons of the art and art collectors. Thank you to all for supporting our work!

Ioan Ardelean (Antonin Artaud and His Hallucinations) attended the University of Arts Targu-Mures-Romania, where he received his Ph.D. in Theatre. He has trained with Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Theater Dimitri in Switzerland and SITI Company in New York. His accolades include the Debut Award at Contemporary Theatre Festival-Brasov-Romania and nomination for The Best Actor at Hop Festival-Costinesti-Romania. His formal training and versatile style is ideally suited for dramatic roles as well as Commedia dell’ Arte characters. He has assembled an extensive list of stage, commercial and film credits. His repertoire includes Shakespearean productions and modern plays at The National Theatre in Cluj-Napoca-Romania, The Almeida Theatre in London and several Off-Broadway productions in New York City. Among his favorite roles are Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, Khlestakov in The Governor Inspector, Tormod in More and Samuel Beckett in The Last Godot. Ioan Ardelean has taught acting voice and speech at Pace University, New York, University of Arts Targu-Mures, Mihai Eminescu College, Satu-Mare and Ion Slavici College, Satu-Mare. He developed The Constructing Permanent Presenta workshop which he conducts in the USA and Europe. As a recent citizen of the U.S, he has a heightened sensitivity to create an environment where diverse identities and communities are honestly and courageously affirmed.

Lia Barcellona Tamborra (True, The Bird of True, Barbie Dollar)is an NYU grad who has traveled the world performing, writing, and teaching. She’s written and produced several original musicals, writes tours and shows for museums around the country, and performs musical improv with the 29th Street Revue.

John Cencio Burgos (Rosalindo, Phobos) has played everything from a Bear to a Chicken. “It’s nice to be human every once in a while” Off-off Broadway Credits, to name a few, include: “Papo’s Variety Store of Records and Spells” (Rupla); “Bocon” (Luis, Judge, Voice Keeper); “The Wiz” (Lion); “Holes” (Mr. Pendanski); “The Minatour” (King Minos); “Raksha’s Child” (Baloo); “A Midsummer Nights Dream” (Theseus & Oberon) “As You Like It” (Le Beau); “Rockabye Hamlet” (Laertes); “The Little Shop Of Horrors” (Dentist); “Once On This Island” (Daniel Beauxhomme); “Cabaret (Hermann), “FriendAmigo” (Wilson), Nylon Fusion’s “This Round’s On Us” in Candido Tirado’s play “Romance On The #2 Bronx Bound Train” (Risa); The Strindberg Rep’s 2016 production of “Crimes & Crimes” (Officer). Medicine Show Theater’s productions of “10 Blocks On The Camino Real” (Street Cleaner); “The Crazy Lady Of Chaillot” (Street Singer); “Helen Of Troy New York” (Baron); “Ubu In Chains” (Free Man); “The Mummers’ Play” (The Fool) and last year’s Production of “Four By Jack” in the play “Awoke One” (Chorus and Thief) directed by Oliver Conant. Film/Television: MTV Commercial “Be Safe” Directed by Joel Shumacher. John has trained for eight years at the Abrons Arts Center, HSS in the art of singing, dance (Salsa) and theater (Musical, drama, comedy, improve) . He has also taken master classes with the Labyrinth Theater Company taught by George Wolfe and John Patrick Shanley. You can follow him at, Instagram @jbu81 and Twitter @johncburgos

Ramiro Batista (Eros, Ares) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He attended a bilingual school for most of his life, where he was surrounded by sports and different arts. He trained in a variety of dances like Ballet, Hip-hop, and Ballroom which he also teaches. He played soccer and volleyball for a good part of his life, but there was no escaping his passion for the dramatic arts. Being that his parents are actors, he grew up in rehearsals and backstage, making his way to the stage at the age of twelve as the lead in an original play by Gonzalo DeMaria. Realizing that this is what he wants to do professionally, he began to work on films, such as “Mar Del Plata” and the Netflix Original “Call Me Francis”. He came to New York, to study acting and perfect his English at the age of sixteen. Since he’s been in a number of plays, and film. Ramiro won a PCTF 2017 Award for Best actor for the One Act Play: Snipped/Cut/Tied: Una Noche de Magia by Desi Moreno-Penson.

Valentin Ewan (Valiant B1; Multimedia Technical Director/Videographer/Stage Manager) is a NYU graduate with a Major and Honors in History from the College of Arts and Science, and a Minor in Documentary Film from the Tisch School of the Arts. Valentin is an active artist at ETdC Projects’ Lab, where he is training as a performer and works as historical researcher, editor, stage/production manager and multimedia technical director. This includes award-winning and nominated productions like Cain (2017) and The Colonel’s Wife by Mario Fratti (2015), and the performance-art plays of Roi Escudero: Flow (2016), Antonin mon Artaud (2013) and B=Essence (2012). For Cain and Flow, he won the PCTF award for Outstanding Multimedia/Projections/Special Effects. Valentin is a passionate freelance writer and editor who has written articles and reviews for many groups, including The American Movie Company and the Innovative Theatre Awards. Valentin loves working and creating with ETdC and is ever eager to be part of the collaborative and creative process of theater!

Jack Placidi (Dr. Destino) Usually the man behind the camera in video shoots and projects, Jack has switched sides for Bubi’s ETdC Projects’ Lab. His usual habitat consists of a studio space where he films and edits toy reviews for the consumer reports website, When not contributing to the arts, Jack always finds it fun to try and develop characters whenever he throws himself into different roles thanks to his love of RPG’s and other nerdy activities.

Rubén Celiberti (Music Adaptation and Piano Performance) Singer-dancer is a star of theater, ballet, and television in Europe and Latin America and is one of the world’s leading tango singers. This past season, he appeared in “Celiberti Tango” with the Milan Ballet and Orchestra (Italy) in a sold-out tour through Italy. He is an alumnus of the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colòn (Buenos Aires) where he studied voice, classical dance, and piano. Winner of the Serge Lifar Competition (Paris), Mr. Celiberti entered the Ballet Nacional de Marseille directed by Roland Petit where he danced with international star, Zizi Jeanmaire. He later joined the RAI television network in Italy – a country where he has been honored with numerous awards: the Gino Tani Award for the Performing Arts, the Fontana di Roma Award for Best Eclectic Artist, the Leonide Massine Award for Dance (Positano). As a principal classical dancer, he has performed in Italy with ballet’s leading dancers: Carla Fracci, Julio Bocca, Vittorio Biagi. In Argentina, he has been honored with an ACE Award as Outstanding Performer of the Year, the Trinidad Guevara Award as Best Choreographer, and the Teatro Colon Dance Award under the auspices of UNESCO. Rubén Celiberti continues his association with RAI UNO and the Ballet of Milan, which this year presented his choreography in the productions “From Gershwin to Ravel” and “Amor de Tango – Bolero.”

James Nickerson Ewan (Video Virtual Painting, Geometric Screen and Shield) Has been painting independently since his youngest years spent traveling the world, and the powerful international cultures and politics of his travels became early influences on his work alongside a grounding in architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. His installations of paintings mounted on large sun umbrellas, canvases and sculptures, are part of public and private collections in USA, France, England, Italy and Argentina. Art collectors and patrons of the arts that own James Ewan’s art work include: Joan and Frederick M. Nicholas, Marcia Simon Weisman, Nancy Epstein, Anna Bulgari, Nichola Bulgari, Joan Borinstein, George I. Rosenthal, Mary Frances Rand, Ambassador Carlos Muñiz, the John Wayne Foundation and other private collections. His work has appeared at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles California (MOCA); The Museum of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires; ART L.A; The Rodeo Collection, Beverly Hills; The Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong; Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida; Filmland Center, Culver City, CA.; The Dance Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. and other public spaces and private events. In New York his atmospheric theatrical backgrounds have been displayed in award winning productions like EtdC Projects’ Lab, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, The Musical Theatre Festival, The Fringe Festival, The Midtown International Festival, Frigid Festival and the Spanish Institute.

Horacio Gerpe (Video Virtual illustrator The Map of Light) Painter, draftsman, illustrator and sculptor. Born in Buenos Aires in 1951. He lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 1981. Professor of History of Arts, communications and graphic design. He works in magical realism and universal symbols, Horacio Rodriguez Gerpe creates and represents the world, giving his imagination the air of legend and dream. The magic of the transformation is usually his theme: the development of complex alchemists who turn in their favor or avenge them. The challenge for men to the natural course of events, combining the dispersed objects and animates and integrates people. The relationships that were established showing the will of the meeting.

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