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By Erik Ehn
Directed by Glory Kadigan
A Featured Reading benefiting Filipino Advocates for Justice

Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente
Tuesday 7/24 @ 7:30pm-9:30pm



When Joanna Demafelis’ indebted family needed money to fix their typhoon-battered home, she followed in the footsteps of millions of other Filipinos and left to find work overseas. And like far too many Filipinos, her journey ended in tragedy.

Stage Manager: Lauren Equality Arneson
Choreography: Dana Boll
Lighting Design: Ben Ehrenreich (Planet Connections Award Winner)
Sound Design: Jacob Subotnick (Planet Connections Award Winner)

Joanna, A Filipina housekeeper who goes to work in Kuwait – Mariel Reyes
Jojit (Joanna’s younger brother) – Ysabel Jasa
Joyce (Joanna’s sister) – Isabella Dawes
Eva (Joanna’s mother) – Lydia Gaston
Nader – Joanna’s employer in Kuwait – Imran Sheikh (Planet Connections Award Winner)
Mona – Nader’s wife – Mary Monahan (Planet Connections Award Winner)
Anna – the daughter of Nader and Moana – Isra Elsalie  (Planet Connections Award Winner)
Mary Mother of Sorrows –  Gina LeMoine (Planet Connections Award Winner)
Stage Directions: Kathleen O’Neill  

Erik Ehn‘s work includes The Saint Plays, What a Stranger May Know, Erratics (a play for puppets, with Dan Hurlin), Soulographie, and Vireo (an opera libretto, score by Lisa Bielawa). He is grateful for past collaborations with Glory Kadigan, on Her SpeechClover, and Quiet HouseEhn conducts silent retreats in in community with Anne Washburn, Gary Winter, Anthony Weigh, Liz Duffy Adams, and Jen and Madeleine George. Co-founder, TEnderloin Opera Company. Graduate of New Dramatists. Former Dean of the CalArts School of Theater, former Director of Writing for Performance, Brown University. Currently pursuing an MTS degree at the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley.

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