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ray gun say0nara
Tell me, in your own words, what you now recall of the planet’s surface.
By Steven Mark Tenney
Presented by The Constellation Project
Benefiting World Wildlife Foundation

Teatro LATEA @ The Clemente
Monday, 7/16 @ 3:00PM




Decades ago the advanced Nadirians secretly placed a Truly Good, immortal being on Earth to help – while confining its Evil Twin to a distant planet.  Yet Earth’s continued decline convinces them they must have mixed the two up. A dark-ops mission is sent to extract the Good Twin…


Two Nights One Motel
Written on commission and originally produced by Yolande Hughes’ Dreamers Theater 2002

“Wildly imaginative and highly entertaining…very intelligently written” –  Miami Sun Post

“”Lively…passionate…has its own language” –  Miami Herald

“Bold and stylish…quite entertaining…nicely staged…visually inventive…[the playwright] thought very carefully about his themes and storylines” –  Miami New Times

“…bursts of brilliant language…words and phrases pinpoint beautifully where our language might be headed…the whirlwind of terms he put out there was mind bending — clever, hilarious, and frightening all at the same time” –  Coral Gables Gazzette

“Pack it into the cryo-freezer for a few generations” –  Sun Sentinel

Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me
Planet Connections 2013, 2015

The play flawlessly integrates acting, dance, and music into a blissful, humorous, and pleasing tale of love and mystery. –  Karen D’Onofrio (Electronic Link Journey, NYC)

“It’s rare to find a sci-fi project that can be described as ‘poetic,’ but that’s an excellent way to define Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me.” — Charles Battersby, Theater for Nerds\

“We saw Steven Tenney’s play Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me tonight. It was so smart and beautiful and exciting and funny. We have never seen anything like it, truly. …The level of imagination and craft exceeded any expectation I could have had. Now that’s entertainment!”
 – KS, Chia list


Steven Mark Tenney is the author of over a dozen plays produced in New York City and regionally, and the sometime director of his own works.  His last four plays, all sci-fi, have been featured at the Planet Connections Festivity and a fifth will receive a staged reading there this summer.  (Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me  2013, 2015; Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion  2014, 2015; When One Such as You /f#333  2015; d4rkly your retrorockets fl4re  2016, 2017; ray gun say0nara  2018)  Between them, they have been nominated for 34 awards, winning 12.  An earlier sci-fi play, Two Nights One Motel, was written on commission and premiered at Dreamers Theater in Coral Gables, Florida.  Other productions include Phantom Power, performed on site at the Woodrow Wilson School in Princeton, which is available on audio CD, and The Tower, written on commission and performed at Richardson Hall, Princeton University, to commemorate Millennium New Year’s Eve.  Piece for an Audition and Night Flight each premiered at the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Competition.  Piece for an Audition was a competition winner, is available in print, and has received many regional productions. Other pieces given New York productions are the trilogy Saturnight’s Eve / The Sunday Times / World News and the duology Flip Side / First Returns. Steven has been an artist in residence at New York Stage and Film.  He is also a song composer, and the author of two librettos, both work-shopped in New York.  He was given his start in theater when Jean Erdman and Joseph Campbell produced his first play, Redeye, at their Theater of the Open Eye.  Redeye, which the Village Voice called “High Noon on acid,” was nominated for Theater Communications Group Best Play of the Year.

Susan Tenney is an award-winning Director and Choreographer, whose diverse work intersects the worlds of theater, dance, and film. She is a five-time Planet Connections Theatre Festivity Award recipient in both Direction and/or Choreography for productions in collaboration with her brother Steven Tenney, playwright, for the 2013-2017 seasons. Her work has also been represented Off-Broadway in She Also Dances, and in venues that include the Edinburgh Fringe, La Mama, Cincinnati Playhouse, McCarter Theatre, the Williamstown Theatre Festival, and recently for The National Action Network’s #MeToo Theatre Women Share Their Stories. She directed Catherine Filloux’s Snow Day for the 2017 Playwrights For a Cause – The Protest Plays, and will be directing Ms. Filloux’s new play Accepting Applause for the 2018 Playwright’s For a Cause – My Sexuality Is… She has received commissions from The Coalition for Peace Action, and the Princeton Arts Council. She is a member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society and the League of Professional Theatre Women.

The Constellation Project,  a connected and growing series of plays, scripts and humans, was born from the idea that science fiction belongs on the stage. As a genre, sci-fi’s inherent conundrum, being both science and fiction, encourages designing costumes, composing music, and building a theatrical community that proposes a future we might like to see. Science fiction is often dismissed as trite or trivial compared to “realism” when the opposite is true. A vast array of people find sci-fi unique in its optimism and inclusiveness. The Constellation Project exists for just such a passionate fan. We want to provide a home of the stage for writers, performers and audiences to explore space, time and more in a universe of their own creation. 


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