A Message During Covid-19

Hello Planet Connections Community Members,

I know for some of you, the closure of theaters in our country has created a financial or emotional burden. If you are feeling a little down, please do reach out to me either by phone or email. I know there’s research suggesting that receiving nine hugs a day cures depression but for now we might all have to live off of nine calls a day. 🙂 Please do check in with each other -even people you don’t know that well. Isolation can trigger depression so lets not let this isolate us from each other.

Also, if a member of our community is struggling financially and in desperate need of assistance, please do reach out to me directly. Sometimes it’s hard for people to come forward and ask for help but I would appreciate it if you spoke up. If you are in danger of losing your living situation or struggling to find money for food due to losing your income, then I’d like to know about it.

Lastly, I’m announcing that we will present a reading series of plays written during the Corona Virus theater shutdown. So I’m expecting all our writers to get writing. Even if you’re an actor or director who doesn’t normally write – WRITE. Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he was self-quarantining due to the plague. So aim to write for ten minutes each day and when this is over, I’m really looking forward to presenting whatever you’ve created.

We’ve got this!
All my love,
Glory Kadigan