Apply for Zoom Fest

Applications are open for Planet Connections Online Zoom Fest!  In order to secure your date, you must email the following information to Assistant Artistic Director Kim Jones at Please cc: Managing Director Jenna Lazar at Once this information is completely submitted, we will email you a date of performance.

Show Title:
Name of Playwright: 
Summary (2-3 sentences):
Image (For Marketing/Website):
Name of Main Contact:
Position on Project of Main Contact:
Phone number of Main Contact:
Email of Main Contact: 
Name of Secondary Contact:
Position on Project of Secondary Contact:
Phone number of Secondary Contact:
Email of Secondary Contact:
Please list your cast to be listed on our website:

A full cast list, including the cast members emails, must be submitted in full, 14 days prior to your production or we will slot someone else from the waitlist.  Please provide a full contact list including emails 14 days prior to your reading to: and

Please email your script or idea of presentation to: and

Changes to the website should be emailed to Assistant Managing Director Ariel Francoeur,  Please cc: and

Please note – we are not presenting readings. We are asking our artists to create theatrical experiences. Please meditate on inventive ways you can create a theatrical experience for your audience.  Your actors may still be on book if you wish, but we’re really encouraging off book fully realized productions. In the past for this medium our artists have created scenery out of items from their apartment, done a signalong with the audience, used flashlights to light themselves, altered the Zoom background behind the actors, interspersed video with live performances and much more.  We encourage you to be creative. 

Planet Connections will set up the Zoom room for you and will email you a link. Planet Connections will monitor the room while your show is in progress. We will also be making a speech at the top of your show.  We ask that you sign in to the Zoom room, 30 minutes prior to curtain, to work out the details of top and end of show, with our staff.

Planet Connections is a community. We request that all productions cast/hire 50% from our community members. For a list of community directors and actors, please email Glory Kadigan at

Planet Connections will accept donations via our website. Collected money will be emailed to your main contact person seven days after your presentation. This money may be dispersed amongst you cast members, director, playwright, designers as you see fit. Planet Connections does not pay actors, directors or your artistic team directly. Planet Connections keeps 20% of the collected donations to cover our staff, and to cover admin charges from Fractured Atlas, Venmo, Paypal and other financial services that may be used to compensate you.  Planet Connections will give you the names and emails of all your donors and we request that you write a personal thank you, thanking them for their donation to your art.

Once you’ve submitted all your information, we will contact you regarding a date.  This is a first come, first served situation so the sooner you complete this application, the sooner you’ll be given a date.

Thanks so much and keep creating!

-Planet Connections

Virtual Theatrical Zoom Fest – Next Up

Monday May 11 at 7:30pm
For the Zoom link, email

Superstars: 1970’s, A Street Corner in NYCErika Phoebus (Holly)
Will Serri  (Jay, Holly’s brother)
John Fico (Alan)
Andy In A Coma: late 1980’s, A Hospital RoomDonna Vivino (Alina AKA Holly/slightly older)Andrew Goebel (Michael)Issa Best  (Nick, Jay’s Life Partner)
House Always Wins: 2010’s, Dwight’s OfficeKathleen O’Neill (Older Holly goes by Aunt Linda)
Dan Shaked: (Dwight, Holly’s Son)
Kailah King  (Lily, Holly’s Niece, Jay’s/Nick’s daughter)
Trevor Lee Hayes (Ben, Holly’s Nephew, Jays/Nick’s son)
Michael Gnat: (Phil Hill, Father of girl that is bearing Ben’s baby)
Joyce Miller: Amethyst 

For the Zoom link, email

A Message During Covid-19

Hello Planet Connections Community Members,

I know for some of you, the closure of theaters in our country has created a financial or emotional burden. If you are feeling a little down, please do reach out to me either by phone or email. I know there’s research suggesting that receiving nine hugs a day cures depression but for now we might all have to live off of nine calls a day. 🙂 Please do check in with each other -even people you don’t know that well. Isolation can trigger depression so lets not let this isolate us from each other.

Also, if a member of our community is struggling financially and in desperate need of assistance, please do reach out to me directly. Sometimes it’s hard for people to come forward and ask for help but I would appreciate it if you spoke up. If you are in danger of losing your living situation or struggling to find money for food due to losing your income, then I’d like to know about it.

Lastly, I’m announcing that we will present a reading series of plays written during the Corona Virus theater shutdown. So I’m expecting all our writers to get writing. Even if you’re an actor or director who doesn’t normally write – WRITE. Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he was self-quarantining due to the plague. So aim to write for ten minutes each day and when this is over, I’m really looking forward to presenting whatever you’ve created.

We’ve got this!
All my love,
Glory Kadigan