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Barber From Outer Space

 FINAL Barber From Outer Space Promo Image 3-19-14


Music and Lyrics By: Rachel Gambiza
Book By: Nicola McEldowney
Directed By: Nicola McEldowney                    
Musical Director: Rachel Gambiza

When a lonely but fun-loving alien barber from the planet Zee crash-lands in the tiny town of Cavity Hollow, Nebraska, it’s extreme culture shock for everyone involved! For our barber hero, it’s time to fall in love, galvanize an entire town, and teach his new earthling friends the exciting ways of extraterrestrial hair care. But danger lies ahead in the form of a jealous enemy, a forbidden romance, and the destruction of his home planet… and Earth may well be next. It’s an epic adventure of deep space, impending doom, finding your place, falling in love, and squirrels.

Venue: Upstairs Theater, Paradise Factory

Thursday, May 29th at 12pm

Barber From Outer Space runs 90 minutes with no intermission. Q&A to follow.


Tickets:  Click here to reserve your seats!


Genre: Musical Comedy

Jesse Alvarez
Aly Bitter
Phillip Cruise
Jonathan Ellers
Rachel Gambiza
Cody Magouirk
Nicola McEldowney
Christine Schisano

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