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DARK PLANET: Not Your Mother’s Valentine’s Day” presented by Planet Connections Theatre Festivity; performing Thursdays and Fridays, February 6 – 21 at the Theater at the 14th Street Y, 344 E 14th St, New York City. Tickets on sale soon!

A cavalcade of acclaimed Playwrights, Directors, Actors and Friends – all Planet Connections Award Winning and Nominated artists – present an evening of varied sides of humanity – from funny to brutal. Planet Connections Artistic Director, Glory Kadigan, stated “We’re living in dark times. It became clear to all of us at Planet Connections that we wanted to highlight our edgy writers exploring dark comedy. So, in February we’ll present an unbridled nefarious evening of playlets we call “Dark Planet: Not Your Mother’s Valentine’s Day.”



A Day at the Beach

By Quincy Long, Directed by Glory Kadigan

Anthony is upset because his brother Harold has gotten their mother pregnant.

Fievel Dridge, The Great Orator of Fishingstill

By Erik Champney Directed by Irina Abraham

A British schoolboy, who eerily shares characteristics with a notorious American President, leads his little friends in an act of terrorism against their teacher. It’s a comedy.


By Jan Rosenberg, Directed by Glory Kadigan

It’s Kelly’s first time. She’s nervous because she’s heard the first time hurts, and he’s in college, but she’s got her friend Agatha for moral support. And it’s okay, because you know even if someone gets hurt-it’s gonna be SO worth it.

Play With Me

By Lenny Schwartz, Directed by Akia Squitieri

Two lost souls meet for a blind date/hookup at a fetish club.

Reconcile, Bitch 

By Desi Moreno-Penson, Directed by Nicoletta Mandriotti

Emma and Lenny broke up. Emma wants Lenny back. Lenny thinks she’s crazy. But Emma’s going to show him that they belong together. Even if she has to kill him.

Shadow Dance

By Jake Brasch, Directed by Glory Kadigan

They’re friends. Should they be lovers? Should they eat sweet corn? Should they turn their conversation into a full-fledged musical? Should they reexamine their relationship or just leave things as they are? Welcome to the realm of the shadow dancers.

Text Angel

By Drew Larimore, Directed by Ilana Becker

Wires and lines of communication are crossed when Bonnie, an entrepreneurial text message angel, realizes the consequences of her actions may very well lead to life and death.

The Second Coming

By Gabrielle Fox, Directed by Lu Bellini

Chaos ensues in an apocalyptic survival bunker when Joe’s prayers are answered.

Three Men With Guns

By Monica Bauer, Directed by Francisco Solorzano

What happens when three desperate men with guns all lay claim to a briefcase full of cash? The man with the most deserving story wins in this darkly comic tale of social justice, physical fitness, and puppies by Monica Bauer.

Wild Side

By Glory Kadigan, Directed by Katrin Hilbe

Set in the 1970’s in New York City, a young distraught boy alone on a street corner at night is suddnely approached by an older man propositioning sex.

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