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Hey Planateers!


Twitter 101 from your marketing team:

Couple of quick things: our Planet Connections Twitter account is @PCTFNYC and we would really love if you started using the hashtags #PCTFNYC whenever you are mentioning working on your show. We are a community, and as of now on Twitterb I don’t see a single thing under the hashtag #GREENTHEATER.   So let’s take it up a notch! Of course you can still use the tags= #GREEN, #ECOFRIENDLY, #CHARITY, #PCTFNYC, and any others you already use.


Okay, huh? First off, what exactly is Twitter?

Twitter is a tool for “micro-blogging” or posting very short updates, comments or thoughts.  In fact, since Twitter was designed to be very compatible with mobile phones through text messages, each update is limited to 140 characters. Another way to think of Twitter is like a cross between instant messaging (IM) and a chat room, because it is an open forum, but you restrict it to the people with which you connect.


*Sign-up and post a profile.

Visit Twitter and click on the “Get Started – Join”button in the middle.  The rest is simple enough that I think you can figure it out without any help.


*Write some updates.

The beauty of Twitter is that the 140 character limit is the great equalizer – An example would be “I just saw “Goliath” at The Robert Moss Theater as part of #PCTFNYC and it was amazing! Check it out!” THEN you can leave it as is or if you feel extremely nice post the link to our website so people know where to go to buy tickets. Or maybe your production team shared a couch with another group or everyone brings their own water bottles as opposed to buying new bottles at every rehearsal. #recycledforPCTFNYC (the list is endless).


*How to post URLs.

Remember that Twitter is based on 140 character updates.  If you have a really long URL, that doesn’t leave much room. So use this handy dandy website TinyURL to take a long URL and make it shorter.


What’s the difference between the @PCTFNYC and the hashtag #PCTFNYC

Using the @ symbol before someone’s Twitter username is how people have “conversations” in Twitter.  This makes their username a link to their profile so other people can follow the conversation (sort of).  For example if you wrote “@amadaanderson thanks for the cool blog article about Twitter and how best to use it as part of #PCTFNYC today” that would be a way of telling me you liked this helpful note. Try it out.  It’s not IM (instant messaging), but it is sort of like a publicly broadcast IM service.


How to MAKE FRIENDS and create a FOLLOWING

*Making friends on Twitter is pretty easy.  Just surf around the web on your favorite blogs, people’s Facebook profiles etc, and when you see a Twitter box that tells you what they are doing click on it.  That will bring you to their profile and then you just click on the “Follow” button on the top left and you are now following them.  Most of the time they will then follow you back, and the audience for your 140 character insights will have grown by one person.  You can get started by following me: @amadaanderson on Twitter or better yet @PCTFNYC.  You can also click on the people that other people are following to find more people to follow. I just started following Billy Crystal, that guy is funny!


Twitter links to your FACEBOOK/LINKED IN

*Facebook integration. Some awesome other attributes is you can connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account, your Tweets will appear on your profile page and your Twitter username will be displayed for your Facebook friends to see. AND all the hashtags & URL’s you are using!



Twitter also links to your FOURSQUARE! Fine…what’s foursquare?

*Foursquare is a service that helps find where your friends are hanging out and offers tips from other users on what to do once you get there. You use your phone to “check in” at different places you visit, from bars and restaurants to theatres, museums and even the grocery store! Foursquare rewards you for checking in with badges, points and mayorships. YES, Now you can battle it out with our artistic directors and box office manager at the festival over the Mayorship Title! All you need to do is Register for an account on Foursquare’s website or through the mobile app. Be sure to upload a profile picture so you can be eligible for mayorships! Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it easy to find your friends and share your current location on your favorite social networking sites. Then just check in to the show you are going to see and post a positive comment about it with our hashtag #PCTFNYC, #GREENTHEATRE, #TITLEOFSHOW, #AWESOMENYCTHEATRE, ETC… Hope all of this made sense. Please enjoy and we will see you online and at the festivity! For more info please check out this blog for further support: marketing/or just google twitter/Facebook marketing.



All the best!

Kaitlyn Mills

Marketing Director

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