Festivity History 2009-2018

For 10 seasons Planet Connections produced the premier eco-friendly summer theater festival in New York City.

Each year we educated our artists on how they can “make a difference” by continuing to create great art while reducing their carbon foot print. We showed artists everywhere how to “reduce, reuse and recycle” while still creating gorgeous designs, getting fabulous reviews, and packing their houses!

Specifically we worked with Festivity artists to:

  • provide recycling bins on the festivity premises for aluminum, glass, plastic and paper
  • use Eco-friendly light bulbs in our festivity lounge, bathrooms and other public areas
  • use recycled and recyclable paper products
  • clean with Eco-friendly products
  • use cyberspace communication in lieu of paper as much as possible
  • use a “ticket less” box office with reusable tickets which will be collected from audience members as they enter the theatre, for repeated use through out the festivity
  • prove two collection bins, one for each theatre, so that audience members can deposit programs after each production for re-use
  • host a Green Theater Forum to encourage and educate our artists to go “green” within their productions
  • provide our artists with access to Materials for the Arts so that they can use recycled materials for their sets, props and costumes
  • provide our artists with access to TDF Costume shop so that they can use recycled costumes instead of making new ones

Theater people are some of the most creative, inventive people out there. Together we can educate ourselves and create solutions. We hope our efforts inspire others in the theater community and beyond.