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CDC-RAW - Yongyi - others (blue black with title)

This production features Planet Connections award-winning artists.*

Benefiting: Amnesty International

Dear patron,

Unfortunately this production had to be canceled because the leading lady literally broke her leg. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please consider seeing one of the other outstanding productions in our line-up.

-Planet Connections


For box office use:

The following performers/crew members are still allowed to attend productions. This show does not have a program.

David Diamond, Bob Shryock, Kat Yew, David Stallings, Amanda Centeno, Mariel Matero, Antonio Mininio, Shafiqhah Efandi, Zelda Tatiana Ng and Shaun Wu

Production Credits:

Production Manager – Rachel Jacquin
Stage Manager: Vivi Agustina/Athena
Sound Designer – Jacob Subotnick
Lighting Designer – Christopher Weston

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