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What our Critics had to say about us…

“Kadigan and Calo have created a festival that embraces the Independent spirit and encourages community in a way that few other festivals can. Planet Connections offers the artists it accepts a family that they are proud to be part of. Don’t be surprised if many of the participants from last year come back for a second bow at this year’s festival. While other festivals may be too big or too small for Independent Theatre artists, the Planet Connections Festivity’s fit is just right. Try them on for size this year, and don’t be surprised when one of the shows in the festivity ends up on a much bigger stage, perhaps even on the Great White Way.”Michael Roderick, Broadway World

“Glory Kadigan and Frank Calo’s Planet Connections Theatre Festival was a whirlwind of theatrical entertainment that I applaud for going above and beyond attempts at not only presenting solid Off-Off Broadway Theatre, but also combining creativity with philanthropy and raising awareness.”Dianna Martin, The Fab Marquee

“Praise is well deserved for all involved with Monetizing Emma and to Planet Connections for introducing it in their festival.”

“Planet Connections Festivity still continues downtown. And now is the best time to see theater, with part of your proceeds guaranteed to be donated to charity.”The Fab Marquee

“Wagon deserves tremendous credit for putting the spotlight on a historical maligned community. It is also very rewarding musically. As part of the Planet Connections Festivity’s charitable program, all proceeds from Wagon will be donated to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, an eminently worthy cause.”JB Spins

“With the ongoing debates regarding the threats of global warming, the production is timely. We all affect the earth and should be concerned with what is happening to it. [Wait of the World] is an ideal production for the Planet Connections Festivity.”


“The Planet Connections team  knows what they’re doing, who they’re doing it for and how to do it. That’s a lotta knowledge, knowledge in action, playfully realized, compassionately convened, and impactfully propelled, leading always to more conversation, deeper consideration, and a celebration of the good graces of empathy.”
-Erik Ehn, Playwright

Lots of people create art and lots of people create social change; thankfully Planet Connections is at the center of just such a Venn diagram. From start to finish, a great experience with smart and determined collaborators.
-Winter Miller, Playwright

“I certainly admire their stated goals as a festival and what they are trying to achieve through both theater and fundraising, and when you can do good work and connect that to an important social issue, it’s hard not to want to be a part of that. I feel happy and lucky to have been included.”
-Neil LaBute, Playwright

“I was delighted to be part of the Planet Connections Festivity this year. It is a beacon in the art world connecting human creativity with our obligations as citizens of the world to work together to protect and nurture our social and physical environments.”
-Marco Calvani, Playwright

“I’m honored to be a part of this effort to be of service to others, and to do what I do.”
-John Patrick Shanley, Playwright

“Once I discovered what Planet Connections was about, I was very happy indeed to help focus our scripts towards feeding NYC’s hungry and working with City Harvest.”
Israel Horovitz, Playwright

“When Erik Ehn asked me to collaborate on his piece for Planet Connections, I leapt at the opportunity to work with a fantastic team in bringing his beautiful words to life for such an important cause.”
-Mia Rovegno, Director

Like most people, I wrestle with whether I’m doing enough for the community.  Doing this project with Planet Connections, gave me the chance to make theater for the benefit of a larger community.”
-Wendy MacLeod, Playwright

“Planet Connections is great because we can contribute directly, in-kind, and help raise money while promoting awareness. Theater is a great place to spark discussion, and when a worthwhile cause is the centerpiece of that discussion, it’s really an honor to be part of that.”
-Moritz von Stuelpnagel, Director

“Planet Connections is by far the most supportive, friendly, nurturing and fun theater festival I have ever been a part of. It is a festival run by theater-makers for theater-makers, where the quality of the work is as important as the quality of the experience.”
-Leah Bonvisutto, Director

“Planet Connections is the place to go to, to find the Pulitzer and Tony winners of tomorrow.”
-Michael Roderick, Producer, Small Pond Entertainment/Broadway Producer

“Theatre can be a powerful way to encourage change both for the actor and audience. Change can happen when one becomes aware of or can empathize with the struggles of others. I think what Planet Connections does is fantastic! I am very honored to be a part of this gala benefiting Safe Horizons.”
-Lori Kee, Director of John Patrick Shanley’s “Tennessee”

“I find most of the theatre festivals in New York City to be self-indulgent, unsupportive, and costly from a producing standpoint. Planet Connections takes extreme risks, innovatively challenges the way we produce/curate theatre, and fully understands the value of cultivating relationships while giving back to the community in a myriad of ways. It’s not just a theatre festival, it’s a social movement.”
-Joe Barros (Artistic Director, New York Theatre Barn/Director/ Choreographer)

“I’ve done several festivals and am stuck on Planet Connections –unusually intimate, effective, and supportive of the artists.”
-Jeremy Bloom, Director

“I’ve always felt that theatre should be about creating a community. Being a part of Planet Connections enabled me to do more than just mount a play. I met a host of talented artists, worked with a terrific and supportive staff, and gave back to charity. The festivity is a true theatre community, and one that I am proud to be involved with.”
-Mark Jason Williams, Playwright

“Planet Connections is one of the most progressive innovative theater festivals in New York, if not the country.”
-Michael Schwartz, Director

“Ego Actus has produced shows in quit a few festivals. The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is a fabulous, environment where artists can take risks and produce their their work where they are treated with love and respect. We have found that the staff of the PCTF is unusually supportive and that they go out of their way to help make shows work and work well together. “
-Joan Kane and Bruce A. Kraemer, artistic directors of Ego Actus

“There is the commercial theatre experience that is ‘all business’ and exists only to make money re-hashing the same commercial successes or formulas that have worked in the past; where artists are expendable commodities; and where there is no real interest in anything that is not serving that mission, even if it is for a good cause—and then there is the antithesis to that, Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. At this level of producing when artists are, to some extent, still dreamers trying to make a difference in the world, you couldn’t ask for a better festival experience—art, activism, environmentalism and yes, the business side too, but with a lot of heart and within a supportive festival community.”
-Yvette Heyliger Writer/Director/Producing Artist, Twinbiz

“Planet Connections fosters a unique theatrical experience for producers and performers by bringing together a community of theatre artists that care as much about their planet and fellow man as their art. The result is an entire month of top-notch theater that not only raises thousands of dollars for so many wonderful causes, but also inspires volunteerism and advocacy for these charitable groups.”
-Christopher Leidenfrost, Actor, Singer, Director, Choreographer (SAG-AFTRA)

“Many people dream of doing theatre. Not many people dream of creating a way to help others do theatre, as well as providing a forum for public change. Glory Kadigan not only dreamed the big dream – she made it happen! Through this festival, she and the entire Planet Connections Festivity crew have created an affordable haven for artists to create – and for that we can’t thank them enough.”
-Cat Parker, Director of Dragon, Articulate Theatre Company

“From its inception Planet Connections has been the most progressive Theater Festival in New York. From its community outreach efforts to their personable handling of each artist, Planet Connections has quickly become an instant part of the NYC Theater Family.”
-David Stallings, Artistic Director of MTWorks/Playwright

“While theatre- by it’s nature- enables us all to feel less alone on the earth (in respect to our personal experience), and political/environmental/social activism engenders the same (in regard to our collective experience), Planet Connections has combined the two… and the united sense of awareness it will create OUTside of the theatre community (as well as within) has incredible potential for growth. The best part is, Planet Connections is really just getting started…”
-Rosebud Baker, Actress/Producer

“Year after year, the Planet Connections Festivity has provided our company a safe and supportive environment in which we can fully explore our most fanciful ideas. I’ve come to see the wider circle of returning artists not only as worthy colleagues, but friends as well.”
-Sergei Burbank, Playwright, Producer

“I have participated with the past two Planet Connections Theatre Festivities, and I highly recommend being involved. Based on the production of my play, Hound, as part of the inaugural PCTF, it has been published with Next Stage Press. With The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, artists are guaranteed visibility, as the community is tight, the venues are accessible, and the work is outstanding.”
-John Patrick Bray, Playwright, Producer, and Scholar

“Planet Connections Festivity is the green heart of INDIE Theatre!”
-Roi “Bubi” Escudero -ETdC Projects’ Lab

“I’m so grateful to have been part of Planet Connections since its first season. I’ve met some great friends, seen some beautiful shows, and have had the opportunity to inexpensively showcase my own work in the city.”
-Peter Dagger, Playwright/Producer

“A lovely experience through and through.”
-Lenny Schwartz, Daydream Theatre Company

“My first play, “Safe” was produced at Planet Connections, and subsequently won outstanding play for a new script. Being part of The Planet Connections Theater Festivity literally changed my career as a playwright. I am so grateful to Glory and her terrific team.”
-Penny Brandt Jackson, Playwright

“The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is the only NY theater festival worth participating in. And I’m not just saying that because I won Outstanding Lead Actor.”
-Paul Daily, Actor, Artistic Director, Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center

“We had a great time being part of a creative, nurturing environment. The support and guidance from everyone was wonderful. I’m so happy we were part of the Festivity. And we just found out that our play LOVE ME is going to be published in Plays and Playwrights 2011! Hee haw and happy holidays to all at Planet Connections!
-Jason Grossman, Playwright/Producer

“Planet Connections gave Shelby Company a great introduction into the indie theatre world. Young companies can thrive, take chances, and connect with an outstanding network of indie theatre artists. Opportunities abound and fun times are to be had at Planet Connections.”
-Nathaniel Kent, Shelby Company, Executive Director/Actor

“Appearing in a play with Planet Connections is not merely artistically satisfying, but an honor and a privilege. As a performer, it places one in brilliant company with other shows that are all absolutely top-notch, not to mention an in-house staff who couldn’t be more caring about each and every production, the chance to do something positive for the environment, and give to charity all at the same time. It’s a win-win for all concerned, and an opportunity cherished by each and every member of the Festivity.”
-Andrew Martin, Actor

“Glory (Executive Director) and her staff gave us every opportunity to showcase our work in the best possible light – from our opening night party teaser to the professional operation of the venue through the end of our run, it was a superior experience.”
-Elena Zazanis, Actress

“If you want to be surrounded by the most supportive, creative artists, The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is the community for you. I’ve never felt as appreciated or welcomed in a theatre where everyone knows my name.”
-Danielle Patsakos, Actress

“Having been in theatre for over thirty years, it is a pleasure to say that I am part of a family of professional theatre artisans. And then there’s the education… teaching me that it is important to give back to the community. I am now an active, year-round, and proud fund raiser for the National Rescue Search Dog Foundation.”
-JC Swec, Producer

“Planet Connections is the way to go! The entire staff is very friendly, helpful and responsive.”
-Tony Asaro, Composer/Lyricist/Producer

“I love the way that Planet Connections gives artists the opportunity to share their talents with their audiences and their time and energy with worthy causes. Each year, the Festivity creates a generous community — and gives you a chance to work with some great people!”
-John Kearns, Playwright/Producer

“Planet Connections is a hoot and a half! So lucky to have found it, and so happy to have been in cahoots with such a fresh, funky, and friendly group of artists.”
-Brian Rady, Playwright/Producer

“Planet Connections is family. I look forward all year to bringing a play to this supportive environment, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and experiencing amazing work. Planet anchors me to New York and to theater…it has become a necessity of life.”
-Jonathan Wallace, playwright

“Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is a wonderful opportunity for emerging artists to workshop and showcase new work in a supportive and enthusiastic environment where these artists may work together to share resources, provide valuable feedback and make connections. Glory Kadigan and her team work tirelessly to solve problems, offer advice and ensure that things are done up to code giving the artists further room to explore and invent new work. During the 2011 festivity I was overwhelmed by the sophistication of works like “Goliath” and “Wonderlust.” Our team was very proud to be included and received a response that far exceeded our expectations.”
-Kimberly Pau, Creator of “Bomb Shelter” 2011

“Planet Connections is a great way to connect with other artists in a tremendously fun and freeing atmosphere. If you can dream it, you can do it at this festival.”
-Brett Aresco, Actor

“To be known and accepted for our uniqueness and yet our connectedness is one of the reasons I got involved in theatre in the first place. And Planet Connections certainly exemplified those divergent thoughts and made them a reality! Bravo, Glory, and your entire staff! And MANY thanks!”
-Pam Bierly Jusino, winner of Outstanding Lead Actress in A Musical, Play with Music or Musical Event, 2011

“Performing in Sweeter Dreams by Duncan Pflaster in the 2011 Planet Connections Festivity was a very positive experience. Planet Connections is clearly not about churning out a bunch of shows at once to make some cash. They really focus a lot of time and energy during the festival (and throughout the year as well) nurturing a community of artists that support each others’ work. I made a lot of new friends and had a great time.”
-Heather Lee Rogers, Actress

“Young, nimble and open to risk-taking, Planet Connections is the best kind of theater festival. What’s remarkable is that its scale can somehow accommodate such a broad scope of styles while sustaining a high level of professionalism.”
-Felipe Ossa, Playwright

“The Planet Connections Festivity provides the kind of supportive environment that gives an artist the freedom to showcase their work while taking creative risks, as they invite you to join them in their quest to make the world a better place.”
-Mark William Butler, Playwright & Composer

“If you want to see your work in front of an audience in a supportive festival environment, where people are valued over profit, I highly recommend doing your new plays at the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity!”
-Monica Bauer, Playwright

“Planet Connections gave my play a top quality venue….generated buzz across NY’s indie theater community about my work, supported the company from beginning of the process to its celebratory end, and opened doors for me personally to new connections and creative forces.”
-Carol Carpenter, Playwright

“At a time when what all fields need is dialogue and cross-disciplinary collaboration, Planet Connections offers something truly unique–the bridging of multiple communities of creators, thinkers, and audiences–from actors to activists and directors to philanthropists.”
-Calla Videt, Director/Producer