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Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me*

This production features Planet Connections award-winning artists.^^

Benefiting: Rainforest Alliance
Produced by: Gluon Night Productions
Directed and Choreographed by: Susan Tenney**
Written by: Steven Mark Tenney



Norbit Ufowatchin is a graduate student about to leave the field of Advanced Alien Artifacts, assume a prestigious residency, and write The Novel of His Life, when his professor entrusts him with a powerful device capable of changing planetary history. Who is the professor really, and who is his beautiful daughter?


Venue: The Robert Moss (440 Lafayette Street)

Wednesday 6/5/13 – 6:00pm
Saturday 6/8/13 – 4:00pm
Sunday 6/9/13 – 11:00am
Monday 6/10/13 – 7:30pm
Tuesday 6/11/13 – 9:30pm
Sunday 6/16/13 – 2:00pm

Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me runs 75 minutes with no intermission.

Tickets: $18 General Admission, $9 for Film/Music Participants, FREE for Theatre Festivity Participants. Click here to reserve your seats!

Genre: Play, Experimental, Dance Theater, Comedy



Halli Herzog… Slink Vixen Obsidian
Asol Karim… Mist-Rain-Waves-Tears
Marek Sapieyevski^^… Norbit Ufowatchin
Richard Welton*… the Professor

Samantha Gullace
Natalie Robison
Yukari Osaka
Rina Barrantes


Production Credits
Joe Novak (Lighting Designer)
Beth Lake (Sound Designer)
Janet Mervin (Costume Designer)
Dominique D. Pino-Santiago (Costume Designer)
Jessica Pecharsky* (Stage Manager)
Emily Adams (Additional Music)
David Tenney (Additional Music)
Laura Petit  (Director of Communications)
Dale Heller, Heller Highwater LLC (Press Representative)

*This artist is appearing courtesy of Actors Equity. This production is an Equity Approved Showcase.

*Something Sudden 5wept 0v3r Me features artists who have received the following awards and nominations from Planet Connections:

Winner – Outstanding Actor in a Comedy (Marek Sapieyevski)

If you would like to support this production, please consider making a fully tax-deductible donation on Susan Tenney’s  New York Live Arts page by clicking here!

Reviews of Steven Mark Tenney’s previous sci-fi play, One Night, Two Motels.

“Wildly imaginative and highly entertaining…very intelligently written”Miami Sun Post

“Lively…passionate…has its own language”Miami Herald

“Bold and stylish…quite entertaining…nicely staged…visually inventive…[the playwright] thought very carefully about his themes and storylines”Miami New Times

“…bursts of brilliant language…words and phrases pinpoint beautifully where our language might be headed…the whirlwind of terms he put out there was mind bending — clever, hilarious, and frightening all at the same time”Coral Gables Gazzette

“Pack it into the cryo-freezer for a few generations”Sun Sentinel

Reviews of Susan Tenney’s previous
dance-theater work.

“Sculptural and severe…“Five Moments” was terse and elegant…a quiet assurance and economy that lets the piece’s ambiguities resonate. Each ‘moment’ has an immaculate inner stillness that begs to be shattered.”Village Voice

“Highly original, very well integrated…At the end of the Tenney collaboration, I wanted to see it three more times…”The Times

“Susan Tenney is remembering, and as she is a choreographer, she does it by giving other people dances, and the other people range in age from 9 to 67. That alone is marvelous….Tenney’s piece conveys the power of the ‘small’ moments that resonate in our memory…fascinating, charming, and rich”
Life Upon the Sacred Stage

“Once again Tenney has created a drama with defined characters…Ashton, Taylor, and Graham come to mind…expansive, reaching, stunningly dramatic…This is a wonderful work.”The Princeton Comment

“…an excellent demonstration that dance can, through its beauty, act as an effective forum for the exposition of significant human issues.”The Nassau

 “The company stops at nothing to leave its Berkshire audience with vivid memories before they close up shop for the summer.  Their Beach Boys “California Girls” medley fits the bill.  Choreographer Susan Tenney goes to town on this one, and the troupe shows the songs to their best advantage.” — The Transcript


… pure dance – big, free, and pleasing – gorgeous to watch. … Tenneyʼs work contained some great comic dancing.” — Villager Downtown

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