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Laura Mae

Laura Mae Baker
Managing Director

Laura Mae Baker has been involved in theater since a very young age. She moved to New York at age 18 to attend AMDA, and went on to perform in various regional and local productions, tours, and festivals, including the NY International Fringe Festival and the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.

Over the years Laura Mae developed a keen interest in what makes theater happen and the business of producing shows. In 2012 she became the Managing Director and a co-founder of Cupcake Lady Productions. Through CLP she has produced, directed and acted in various productions and events, including the International Night of Rotten Theatre play writing contest. She helped create Cupcake Lady Wrestling, a comedy wrestling group that performs live action shows and charitable events, where she plays the heel known simply as ‘The Secretary’ – a name born from Laura Mae’s extensive administrative career.

Laura Mae also has an avid interest in costuming and had the honor of being an award nominated costume designer at PCTF for the show “The Quest of the Hero”. Laura Mae is a proud original member of Spontaneous Shakespeare, a first folio, unrehearsed, educational Shakespeare troupe and C.A.G.E Theater, through which she was first introduced to PCTF.

Laura Mae was the primary event coordinator for FAO Schwarz for 5 years, organizing and creating everything from parties to tours, to celebrity hosted charitable events.

Laura Mae is pleased to be a part of this eco-friendly/socially conscious not-for-profit arts festival and would like to thank her family and husband for the support they have given her over the years in pursuing her passion

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