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Rich Wisneski
Green Charity Director

The example of charity, and hard work set by Rich’s parents, and the position of middle child they put him in, led to him being a community conscious person with a delight in receiving attention. Whether it was producing a variey show as a teeneager to support his local parish, playing for suicide prevention, or to entertain the runners of the New York City Marathon with his punk rock band, or portraying Spiderman at the St. Baldrick’s Hero Celebration, he has taken joy and pride in being able to combine his love of performance with his desire to help.

Many people are not aware that their art has value. Whether it’s to use a platform to spread a message, change someone’s heart with a poignant representation, raising money from an event, or just making someone feel something, art has an amazing power to affect change. Rich hopes that using his position of Director of Green Charities, he can help the fantastic community created by the Planet Connections Theater Festivity to pair their already wonderful works, with community service. He is thankful to the Festivity that they have given him this responsibility, and for creating an environment which so sincerely reflects two of Rich’s great passions

Rich Wisneski is a founding member of Cupcake Lady Productions, who last year received 10 nominations at Planet Connections (winning 4 awards). He is a proud participant of The Leave A Lasting Mark Concert Series; a collection of NYC’s best musicians who produce themed live performances for various charities. Rich is a member of American Candy; a Brooklyn based sketch comedy group. With Candy Rich was recently asked to perform at The Reel Sisters of Dispora Awards ceremony. Rich is also a member of The Spontaneous Shakespeare Players; a first folio, unrehearsed Shakespeare troupe. Rich was the Production Manager for Propstar’s 2015 season. His play “Listen and Learn” has been published and performed by the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Rich is a lifelong New Yorker (It’s the greatest place on earth), who has a fantastic family, incredibly supportive and talented friends, and a loving, thoughtful, and beautiful wife; all of which he is tremendously grateful for.

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