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Robert J. Repici

Robert Repici
Intern Coordinator

Robert Repici is a writer, educator, and arts aficionado hailing from Philadelphia suburbia. An alumnus of Rutgers University (B.A.) and Arizona State University (M.A.S.), his research and writings delve primarily into the realms of narrative theory, film authorship, genre evolution, extra- and meta-textuality, transmedia storytelling, “Theatre of the Absurd,” and socio-cultural superhero stories (both of the “real” and “reel” varieties). His dark western, The Devious Death of Dan Daggett, was named a semi-finalist in the 2012 Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition, finishing in the top ten of its respective category and garnering a Spotlight Award nomination for “Best Dialogue.”

When duty calls, he doubles as a Faculty Associate with Arizona State, teaching and contributing to an array of courses as part of the university’s multifaceted Film and Media Studies program. Robert is also a practiced teacher in the Theater Arts field, where his work revolves mostly around monologue study, character construction, devised performance, and—from a quirky playwriting perspective—what he deems “dialogue dynamics.”

Designed to spark thought, imagination, and continuous audience pro-activity, Robert’s “Raconteur Oeuvre” strives to blend intimacy and interaction with culture, spirit, and immersive, story-transcendent exploration, delving deep into the notion of universality and the distinct, yet closely linked planes of existence that are “The Self” and “The Other,” with narrative creation, in the proverbial grand scheme of things, emphasizing the timeless significance of forging/fostering rich story-character-spectator connections.

So, yeah, that’s all that in quite the prolonged logline.

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