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*Denotes a production that features artists who have won or been nominated for a Planet Connections award.

Actresses and Other Actresses
Actresses and Other Actresses

“And other actresses and other actresses don’t really like each other.”

Benefiting: Safe Horizons
Directed by: 
Andrew Block







A Man's Man

A Man’s Man

“Expectations. Obligations. Facades. What lies beneath is not only the truth but the beauty of what makes us each so unique.”

Benefiting: The Trevor Project
Directed by: 
Valentina Fratti 
Written by: 
Mark Jason Williams






Barber From Outer Space

Barber From Outer Space

“A lonely alien barber crash-lands on Earth, disrupting the humdrum life of a small Nebraska town.”

Benefiting: ASPCA
Book and Direction by: 
Nicola McEldowney
Music and Musical Direction by: Rachel Gambiza




Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion
Cygnus ISA Summer Con5t3ll4tion*

“What if you install a new planetary operating system without backing things up first?”

Benefiting: Natural Resources Defense Council
Co-Directed By: Susan Tenney and Steven Mark Tenney Written By: Steven Mark Tenney


Devil Lay Me Down

Devil Lay Me Down

“Come sooner or later, the Devil catches everybody.”

Benefiting: Coalition for the Homeless
Written by: Ian Miles Kessler
Directed by: 
David Delaney


Holiday In Heaven
Holiday In Heaven

“Angels are among us.”

Benefiting: The Coalition for the Homeless
Written by: Demetria Daniels Directed by: Tom Mornet Music By: Gregory Nissen and Mark Shamrakov








How Do You Want It
How Do You Want It

“The Progressive Era’s latest romantic comedy.”

Benefiting: Jobs With Justice
Written By: Jerry Polner
Directed by: DeLisa White




The LaLa and Mummo Show
The Lala & Mummo Show

“A mother and daughter take to the stage and give you REALITY THEATER.”

Benefiting: A Fair Shake For Youth
Directed By: Michole Biancosino
Written By: Addie Walsh



the mad ones
The Mad Ones

With friends like these, who needs reality

Benefiting: Artists Striving To End Poverty
Directed By: Jillian Carucci and Kaitlyn Frotton
Written By: Nathan Mohebbi



The Park

The Park

“Love and heartache ensue between jaded, free- spirited Anya and reformed, bad-boy Ben, after a chance meeting one summer’s day in Washington Square Park.”

Benefiting: Suicide Prevention International
Directed by: To Be Announced
Written by: Mariel Reyes



“Sometimes You Just Need To Get A Clue”


Directed by: Steven McElroy
Written by: Grant James Varjas



When Jane Comes Marching Home
When Janey Comes Marching Home

Brava Company, Chelsea Rep LAB

“Mother, daughter, sister, wife, partner, Veteran.”

Benefiting: Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)
Directed by: John Grabowski
Written By: Kym Gomes and John Grabowski, based on the book of interviews by Laura Browder


When The Party's Over
When The Party’s Over*

G$ Productions

“Bon voyage, champagne and caviar!”

Benefiting: World Wildlife Foundation
Written by: Glory Kadigan
Directed by: Eric Mercado




Zen A.M.


“Artistic integrity…so last year!”

Benefiting: Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids
Written by: 
Natalie Menna


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