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The Lala & Mummo Show


Benefiting: A Fair Shake For Youth

Directed By: Michole Biancosino
Written By: Addie Walsh
Produced By: Addie Walsh

THE LALA & MUMMO SHOW gives Reality TV a run for its money. Yes, this is the first Reality Play. An actual mother (Mummo) and daughter (Lala), both actresses, take to the stage and do a show about their relationship, Mummo’s parenting and Lala’s childhood. Mummo and Lala let it all hang out and give the Kardashians stiff competition. And there’s singing and dancing, too.

Venue: Downstairs Theater, Paradise Factory
Sunday, June 1 at 12pm                          

The Lala & Mummo Show runs 45 minutes with no intermission.


Tickets:  Click here to reserve your seats!



Addie Walsh
Lauren Singerman
Dano Madden

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