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All Performances Begin at 7:30pm

Important Zoom Instructions:

You can join over a Computer, Tablet, or Phone.
You may be asked to download the free Zoom App if using a Mobile device.
Your video and audio should be OFF entering the Zoom Room and during the performance.
You can unmute yourself and can turn ON your Video after the performance and afterward.

Planet Zoom Fest is taking September off but we’ll see you all again in October!

*Actors Equity Association
** SDC

Mon, 8/31 – “Away From You” by Tracey Knight Narang
After a death in the family an estranged daughter returns home to confront the ghosts from her past.
Directed by Katherine Ray**
Stage Managed by Taryn Glasser
Performed by Mle Chester, James Kennedy, Kailah S. King, Glenn Quentin, Sara Koviak*, and Samantha Simone.*
Emcee: Kim Jones and Glory Kadigan

Thurs, 8/27
“Women Who Changed History” – Three monologues about real women in history who stood up to systems of injustice.

“Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay” by Dipti Mehta, Directed by Kat Yen

“Unbossed and Unbowed” – Written and Performed by Ingrid Griffith.  Directed by Magaly Colimon-Christopher.

“Selma ’65” – Written by Catherine Filloux, Directed by Susan Izatt, Performed by Cynthia Shaw

Stage Managed by Zija Brubaker Lubin-West*
Performed by Yvette Heyliger, Dipti Mehta and Cynthia Shaw
Emcee: Kailah S. King

Mon, 8/24
“Eulogy” by Barry Lee Sheppard, Directed by Adam Chisnall
Can I say goodbye or am I in an endless turnstile?

“Notes From The New World” by Patricia Davis Directed by Susan Tenney
Playwright Olympe de Gouge, executed during the French Revolution, returns to the stage and working with murdered activists from our time—Berta Caceres, Digna Ochoa, and Anna Politkovskaya—builds a world where women can live.
Performed by Magaly Castellanos, Esra Dayani, Tyler Gardella, Jane Ives, Marlene Luna, Joyce Miller, Mia Mollicone, Barry Lee Sheppard, and Mary Sheridan*

Emcee: Alison Preece

Mon, 8/17 – “Rising” – An Evening of comic social justice themed monologues and short plays
Written by Maggie Bofill, Jake Brasch, Glory Kadigan, Robin Rice, Jerry Polner, and Mark Jason Williams.

Directed by Katrin Hilbe** and Nicoletta Mandriotti
Visual and Sound Design by Joshua Brown
Stage Managed by Charles C. Casano

Performed by Ben Sumrall*, Maggie Bofill*, Walter Brandes*, Laura Sisskin, Dante Jayce, Anthoula Katsimatides*, Kailah S. King, Mary Monahan, Kathleen O’Neill*, Sachi Parker, and Madalyn McKay*
** SDC

Mon, 8/10 – “I Am Here!”
Monologues and short plays exploring fiercely unapologetic, female creativity, and imagination.
Written by Lynda Crawford, Rohina Malik, Desi Moreno-Penson, Tonya Pinkins and Noemi de la Puente.
Directed by Irina Abraham, Magaly Colimon-Christopher and Kathleen O’Neill.
Conceived by Desi Moreno-Penson.
Stage Managed by Kyra Bowie
Performed by Gamze Ceylon, Michael Gnat, Kailah S. King, Sara Koviak, Laura E. Johnston, Sachi Parker, Audrey Martells, Morgan McCabe, and Noemi de la Puente*
Emcee: Laura Sisskin

Mon, 8/3 – “Comedy Hour”
Adam Chisnall and friends present a wild adult comedy show.
Adam hosts comedians Kase Raso, Nick Alexander, Stephanie Holmes and Emma Willmann. With a special appearance by “Moira Rose”, played hilariously by Michael Judson Berry.
Emcee: Adam Chisnall

Mon, 7/27 – Murdarrgh! by The Murder Mystery Company adapted by Konrad Custer. Performed by Emma Campbell, Konrad Custer, Andrew Del Vecchio, Michael Donaldson, Andrew Goebel, Dante Jayce, Dani Letsche, Sarah Sutliff, Elizabeth Weitzen

Mon, 7/20 – “The Southern Comfort Plays” Written by Bara Swain, Directed by Kim T. Sharp.  Three dramedies set in the south during three time periods, explores separation, the complex mother/daughter relationship, bearing witness, and moving on. Performed by Valerie David, Laura E. Johnston, Kailah S. King, Gina LeMoine, Joyce Miller and Mary Monahan

Thurs, 7/16 -BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND “Loving Kindness in the Time of Quarantine” Curated and Directed by Regina Taylor  New Monologues Written by: Magaly Colimon, Migdalia Cruz, Erik Ehn, Catherine Filloux, Glory Kadigan, Lyle Kessler, Eugene Lee, Yilong Liu, Rohina Malik, Crystal Skillman, Chesney Snow, Regina Taylor and Jose Rivera  Performed by Layan Elwazani, Yvette Ganier, Zabryna Guevara, Sam Hamashima, Kevis Hill, Kendyl Ito, Sara Koviak, Margaret Ladd, Penny Johnson Jerald, Jim Pickens, Carl Hancock Rux, Felipe Salinas and Donna Vivino

Mon, 7/13 – Something About Baseball by Quincy Long
Directed by Glory Kadigan, Performed by John Gutierez, James Kennedy, Joyce Miller, Imran Sheikh, Max Woertendyke and Perri Yaniv

Mon, 7/6 – “The Problem” written by Dan Manjovi, Directed by Christopher Scott.  Performed by Tomas Anderson, Michael Gnat, and Christopher Sutton. “The Problem” is a play about sexual maturation, and how gay men relate to their fathers and father figures.  A prequel of sorts, The Problem spotlights MAN #2, the character in Dan Manjovi’s recent play, “Picked Up” over a span of some thirty years, and tracks an intense, wild, and traumatic journey through his troubled Brooklyn youth, his sexual awakening and coming out in the advent of the AIDS crisis, and his struggle to love and be loved as a gay man.

Mon, 6/29 – “Loving Kindness in the Time of Quarantine” Curated and Directed by Regina Taylor
New Monologues and Song Written by: Magaly Colimon, Migdalia Cruz, Erik Ehn, Catherine Filloux, Glory Kadigan, Lyle Kessler, Eugene Lee, Yilong Liu, Rohina Malik, Crystal Skillman, Chesney Snow, Regina Taylor and Jose Rivera
Featuring: Layan Elwazani, Yvette Ganier, Zabryna Guevara, Sam Hamashima, Kevis Hill, Kendyl Ito, Sara Koviak, Margaret Ladd, Penny Johnson Jerald, Jim Pickens, Carl Hancock Rux, Felipe Salinas and Donna Vivino

Mon, 6/22 – “Other (s)” written by Glory Kadigan, Directed by Kat Yen.  Featuring – Karen Brega, Dianne Chen, Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin, Vin Kridakorn, Jon Okabayashi, Visheal Reddy.  Sound + Video Design,by Danielle Hart. Stage Management by Charles Casano.
Short Summary: An ex-pat living in Singapore confronts his mysterious past with his feminist Singaporean cousin. Exploring the concept of outsiders and other(s) both in Singapore and in NYC and set amidst the 2004 Tsunami, the penthouse of an American rock-star, a quarantine station in Singapore and Columbus Circle in New York City – the story weaves a cast of six characters on an international search for home.

Mon, 6/15 – “The Thing About Pipecleaner People” by Drew Larimore, Directed by Stephen Kitsakos. Starring Constance Schulman.

Mon, 6/8 – “Connect”
by Anne Mary Mullane
Directed by Susan Tenney
Performed by Catherine Curtin

“Buhlined Dayte”
by Barry Lee Sheppard
Directed by Adam Chisnall
Performed by Krystyna Hutchinson
and Dan Shaked

“A Tiny Bit of Good News”
by Allan Staples
Directed by Adam Chisnall
Performed by Samantha Simone
and Jak Watson

“Waterfalls of the Gods” by Magaly Colimon
Directed by Susan Tenney
Cast – Lynda Gravatt, Charles Everett, Laura Sisskin Fernandez, Pat Galante, Jeanne Lauren Smith
Stage Manager – Jenna Lazar

Mon, 6/1 – “Fox Tales” by Gabrielle Fox, Directed by Lu Bellini. Cast: Issa Best, John Fico, Michael Gnat, Andrew Goebel, Laura Johnston, Kathleen O’Neill, Alison Preece, Michael Sullivan and Donna Vivino.

Mon, 5/25 – “Monodrama with a ‘J'” Written by Danijela Popovic and Eugene Musica Performed by Danijela Popovic; Directed by Irina Abraham
Short description:
In her very personal show, Danijela talks about how one life event sent her on a path of immigration and shaped her whole life. Trying to figure out where she is now and why, she is looking at all the puzzle pieces: communist Serbia, astrology, God, sex and of course, rock-n-roll. 

Monday May 18th at 7:30pm

Mon, 5/18 – “Democracy Sucks” by Monica Bauer. Directed by John FitzGibbon, Featuring John Fico.

Democracy Sucks” by Monica Bauer, A comedy about democracy and despair! A college professor tries to redeem himself in real time, the last class of the semester. After giving the same bitter, angry lecture three times a week for a semester,  Professor B is facing the loss of his job. It’s the last class of the semester in a Distance Learning class in Political Philosophy. Professor B pulls out all the stops to save his job, even if it takes sock puppets to do it, as his final judge, the Dean, who is also his former husband, Zooms in. Starring Planet Connections Award Winner John Fico. Directed by John Fitzgibbon.

Monday May 11 at 7:30 pm

Superstars: 1970’s, A Street Corner in NYCErika Phoebus (Holly)
Will Serri  (Jay, Holly’s brother)
John Fico (Alan)
Andy In A Coma: late 1980’s, A Hospital RoomDonna Vivino (Alina AKA Holly/slightly older)Andrew Goebel (Michael)Issa Best  (Nick, Jay’s Life Partner)
House Always Wins: 2010’s, Dwight’s OfficeKathleen O’Neill (Older Holly goes by Aunt Linda)
Dan Shaked: (Dwight, Holly’s Son)
Kailah King  (Lily, Holly’s Niece, Jay’s/Nick’s daughter)
Trevor Lee Hayes (Ben, Holly’s Nephew, Jays/Nick’s son)
Michael Gnat: (Phil Hill, Father of girl that is bearing Ben’s baby)
Joyce Miller: Amethyst 

Planet Connections Zoom Fest Presents Jose Rivera’s Lovesong (Imperfect) Monday, 5/4.
“Lovesong (Imperfect)” Written and Directed by Jose Rivera
WithSara Koviak* Francesco AndolfiJames B. Kennedy
*Appears Courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association

“In heaven you can taste the wind and hear the imperfect love song of Delilah & Venezio”
Death has been declared illegal by the U.S. government.  Trees grow lights instead of leaves.  Ghosts are infatuated with the living.  In heaven, you can taste the wind.  Two impetuous lovers look for a connection that lasts forever.  Author of The Motorcycle Diaries and Marisol, Obie-winning and Playwrights for a Cause dramatist Jose Rivera presents a new fantastical comedy about imperfect relationships.  Lovesong (Imperfect) was presented by Planet Connections and Co-presented by the 14th Street Y in February 2020.

Glory Kadigan (Artistic Director Planet Connections), Kim Marie Jones (Assistant Artistic Director Planet Connections), Anna Hogan (Assistant Director), Izzy Fields (Scenic Designer), Joe Novak (Lighting Designer), Lisa Renee Jordan (Costume Designer), George Port (Sound Designer), Lytza R. Colon (Props Designer), Dispatch Combat (Fight Choreographer), Cordelia Senie (Production Stage Manager), Addison Herndon (Assistant Stage Manager), Alison Goldman (2nd Assistant Stage Manager), Throughline Creative Marketing, Helen Yee (Violinist and Original Music), Kyle Ronyecs (Board Operator)

Monday April 27 at 7:30pm

Embraced by the Same Moon

In the same evening, two people in different parts of the world share warm, honest and funny stories about love, longing and family relationships. This virtual theater experience is an exciting new collaboration between Planet Connections award-winning director Nicoletta Mandriotti and three-time Planet Connections award-winning playwright Mark Jason Williams. Performed by Planet Connections Community Members Juan Pablo Mendive and Nicoletta Mandriotti.

Unfamiliar Places 
a play by Mark Jason Williams
Directed by Nicoletta Mandriotti 

A Little Treasure Called Tale
Written and directed by Nicoletta Mandriotti

SMITHTOWN by Drew Larimore, Directed by Lu Bellini

A play about a death-by-sexting where technology is not only the culprit, but the means by which we tell each of these characters’ stories. Told in four parts, four different characters and four different monologues, the play is structured as a Russian doll set where the next story reveals more about the one before it. 

Ian – Alex Herrald
Bonnie – Cyrilla Baer
Eugene – Will Serri
Cindy – Elaine Davis

Monday, 4/13 – “The Handmaid’s Dianetics” – Written and Performed by Planet Connections Award Winning Actress Joyce Miller; Directed by Glory Kadigan.  Music Guitar will be played by Mike Handelman.

Offhubbard cognites that her past life gender confusion was only a result of her previous identity as the male founder of Scientology, and assumes her position as Executive Office of Source at a time when the world needs it most.  A story of reclaiming your power.

WATCH THE PERFORMANCE HERE! https://vimeo.com/412649495

This is a virtual/online event – Please email Glory at Planetglory@gmail.com to RSVP.